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I have a problem with the portable video discbaby I purchased in Hongkong. After running for 20 mins (even less, in some instances), it stops and displays stripe colors on screen. The brand is NISO and the manual says PHILIPS technology. I have sent an enquiry but PHILIPS has not replied as of this date. If anybody knows why this is happening pls tell me. Appreciate it. Thanks.

-- Rolando Lintag (, October 04, 1999


i dont know what the answer is but i have a different problem mine will not read a disc. we have been told that there are different format areas 1 2 3.1 is USA 2 is Europ 3 is Asia ? We brought ours in Dubai witch we belive is area 1.may be this may help. yours sincerley Olly

-- olly clinton (, January 05, 2001.

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