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State holds extensive emergency Y2K drill

October 3, 1999


SPRINGFIELD--With 93 days left until the new millennium, state officials conducted a drill Friday to measure how 20 Illinois agencies and various state utilities would respond to a series of Y2K-related crises.

For four hours, state officials ran a drill out of a Springfield office suite, reacting to fictitious power outages in Chicago and the state capital, a plane crash and Downstate sewer disruptions.

"Frankly, we simulated and exercised more than what I anticipate will happen," said Mike Chamness, director of the Illinois Emergency Management Agency, which coordinated Friday's event.

"Overall, I'd give it a B, but we also set very high standards," Chamness said, when asked to rate the agencies' performances.

State Y2K operations on New Year's Eve will be based in Springfield, where officials will be in constant contact with emergency services agencies in all 102 counties and with utilities across the state.

IEMA has developed a system that will be used to prioritize calls that come into the Y2K command center, and within that system is where the only minor snafus occurred Friday, Chamness said.

Chamness also said Friday that Illinois National Guard members will be at 24 armories across the state on New Year's Eve. At each location, two to four Guard members will be present, and a larger call-up could occur quickly that night if conditions merit, he said.

IEMA has urged all Illinoisans to stockpile a Y2K kit at home that includes a weekend's worth of provisions such as water, candles and canned foods, which is what the agency normally recommends during spring and winter storm seasons. (end) That last statement is a joke. There hasn't been any urging.

-- Deborah (, October 04, 1999


Deborah: Yes, you're right. The last statement IS a joke. I am in Champaign-Urbana and have heard absolutely nothing!

-- Brenda (, October 05, 1999.

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