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I'm sure that many people here are in a similar situation: what event is it that you will know when you have to bug-out to whereever you would ride out y2k? I'm knd of in a difficult delimma here. I have an apartment in a town of about 40,000 people, where I am also employed. The place I would bug out to if TSHTF is about 45 miles to the south. There is where my family is and where we would hunker down. I wouldn't use the interstate freeway to get home 'cause that would probably be blocked off, but I may be able to use a smaller highway to get there. If worse comes to worse I would just put on my bug-out bag and take off on foot. I would try and follow the railroad tracks or just land nav. my way back, probably traveling only at night and resting during the day. Does anyone have any advice for WHEN I should be taking off? Don't want to wait too long and not be able to get back. What are some sure signs that it's time to go and does anyone have any advice for bugging out? Thanks!

-- How do you know when to go? (, October 03, 1999


Stupid question...get a life! DEleTe PlEasE!

-- bbb (, October 03, 1999.

If you can take a week off from work on Jan 1 and be with your family. If you cant do this.then have moor than one way to get to your saft place.If it were me I would not be in a city Jan 1 or there after for some time.I had a frind in south Miami after hurrcane Andrew hit.The looters were going from house to house lootering.He fired one shot in the air and they backed off.[no one wants to get shot].hope this helps.By the way. There are no stuped Question.Some people think they were born with all the answers.

-- HD (, October 03, 1999.

Yeah--literally could be a life and death question. I can't say it any better than Gary North:

"Gasoline shortages should be your trigger event. Get to wherever you intend to be on January 1 the day after you hear about gasoline shortages."

Should be posted soon with his other Reality Check email newsletters at:

With adequate safety precautions I am storing enough gas to get where I need to go. I hope to be there ahead of time becouse travelling in a crisis is NOT RECOMMENDED. (even for customers of CONCEALABLE BODY ARMOR ;-) . Be safe,


-- CONCEALABLE BODY ARMOR (, October 04, 1999.

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