If you've stored any dehydrated staples, here's a neat website

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When I picked up some dehydrated milk, butter and cheese today I also bought a cookbook that has lots of recipes for mixes and main dishes using these and other dehydrated items. The book, lots of dehydrated products and other things(like popcorn poppers and garden seeds) are available through their website.

-- Jill D. (jdance@mindspring.com), October 02, 1999



I would be interested in knowing the name of the book you purchased on using dehydrated foods.



-- Betty Gallagher (comanche6@worldnet.att.net), October 02, 1999.

The site sells a cookbook, oddly enough! But it's not for using dehydrated foods, it's for using their dehydrated mixes.

-- bonnie (maybe@nexttime.com), October 03, 1999.

I would like the web site for the book or the name of the book you purchased so I can see if I can find it. I have purchased many pounds of dehydrated foods, eggs, milk, butter, cheese, etc.



-- Betty Gallagher (comanche6@worldnet.att.net), October 05, 1999.

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