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I just starting printing with MIS Quadtones (actually hexatones) on my Epson 700.

Gettting good results re tone, balance etc.

BUT I am getting some banding/corduroy on the print.

I am at the moment testing on Epson Glossy ('cause its not to expensive) printing at 1440/super microweave.

Is the likely to be residual ink from the change over from colour cartridges (I ran a number of cleaning pages/images of single colours). I don't get the same banding with colour (Epson) inks on this machine with the same settings. Or somehing else?


Tim A

-- Tim Atherton (timphoto@nt.sympatico.ca), October 02, 1999


The corduroy is usually due to a clogged nozzle or a misaligned head. Run a test and see if jets are not firing. I found that the Lysonic cleaning cartridges did a great job on some stubborn jets on my machine.

I also experienced a banding in the blacks due to the printer pausing while running a job. Do you see any of this?

-- Marc Sitkin (mbs@digitalmomentum.com), October 02, 1999.

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