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Las Vegas casinos, and casinos everywhere else run on great mountains of cash, even though they use chips in the games, they must have cash in the cashiers cage to cover all expected requirements, and those requirements can be huge at times.

Most casinos have a game to get you in to play at their casino, they will cash your paycheck and enter you in a contest for some prize. They take your paycheck and give you cash dollars equal to the total of the check. My suggestion is that anyone near a casino use this method to cash their checks every two weeks, and to the maximum extent possible, pay their bills from savings accounts or other assets and hold on to the cash, which is not a reported transaction. They will also cash your check made out to them if you have previously been approved for credit.

Casinos also live with tons of small change. I walked into the Stardust Casino and handed the change person a $100 bill and she gave me 10 neat rolls of quarters without a glance, it's what they do every day, and you can repeat the process unlimited numbers of times, for any type of change you desire. The weight of the coins will give you a good workout too...

I went to the MGM Grand casino in Las Vegas, and they had an interesting gift idea, a checkbook cover with the MGM Grand logo on it, and inside, what they call the perfect gift, cash - in pads of new ones, fives, tens, twenties and fifties. These are brand new currency made into a pad like a checkbook, and they are the same cost as the value of the money, a pad of 25 $1 bills and checkbook cover sells for $25.00. To them, it's just a cute gift idea I'm sure, but to me it seemed like an excellent method of obtaining piles of small bills with absolutely no questions asked.

-- zoobie (, October 02, 1999


Great info of my friends lives in Vegas,I'll call her in case she doesn't know about the MGM checkbook pads of money.

-- Maggie (, October 02, 1999.

Wonder if they have those cash books in Atlantic City too? In any case, it's a great idea to go there to get yer small change. I still have several hundreds I have to break. I like rolled coins, they're good for hitting people with too. ;)

-- kritter (, October 02, 1999.

Scary Gary also has a suggestion on his site on how to screw Dell Computers, something I heartily approve of having been screwed by them good and proper in the past. Have a look:


-- Y2KGardener (, October 02, 1999.


-- Andy (, October 03, 1999.

Hell with Dell computers. I've been screwed by them and will never buy one of their products again. I prefer a put-together-from- standard-parts machine that I can upgrade as needed.

Dell and many other companies use proprietary parts and configurations that ensure that you have to buy their parts and motherboards if you want to upgrade. This stinks.

-- Bill (, October 03, 1999.

I agree Bill! My dell laptop has just gone tits up with a hard disk crash (I'm guessing) - I bet I have to buy a bleeding Dell one!

-- Andy (, October 03, 1999.

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