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One of you posted several months ago regarding Jimmy Dean sausage, and that it was bitter, if I remember correctly. I can't find the original post, and am stuck with 4 huge rolls of the stuff I bought before I saw the post. Question: was it really gross, or just not as tasty as one would like? I thought it might be okay for things like biscuits and gravy or nacho cheese dip, but not for heating and eating out of the jar it was canned in.

-- lvz (, October 02, 1999


Doubt that it was Old Git. She's a vegetarian.

-- (, October 02, 1999.

You're right. I forgot. I'm not even sure I saw it on TB2000, but I thought I'd give it a shot. It may even have been Wilferd?

-- lvz (, October 02, 1999.

Any sausage will taste bitter after pressure canning IF it has sage in it -- the sage becomes bitter-flavored after pressure treatment. But, believe me, if you're hungry, it isn't that bad. I fixed up our home canned "bitter" sausage by just adding extra sage when I heated it up -- seemed to improve the flavor quite a bit (not so bitter)!

-- Anita Evangelista (, October 02, 1999.

It was someone else that said their sausage was terrible. I had posed the question re JD sausage knowing it had sage in it. However, you can process it without canning it. Fry up the patties and pour hot oil/lard/fat on them as you layer in a jar. I use pint wide mouths. As long as their is no air and the fried patties are sealed in the lard, then put lid and ring on, they will keep forever. This is how they used to do it in the old days. This is still how they do it in lots of places. No air, the bacteria won't grow.


-- Taz (, October 04, 1999.

If you want a backup, try the Country Breakfast from Go to their Y2K section and you can get a bucket of Country Breakfast for about $65--230 servings, something like that. There's also a trial package. It's a soybean sausage look-alike, but don't call it TVP--Lumen Foods insists their look-alikes are far superior to the usual TVP, and I agree! Lumen also has complete meals of stroganoff, spaghetti, goulash, chili, etc., for roughly the same price, packed in pails with oxy absorbers. I've been ordering from Lumen since about 1987/88 and have been very pleased with their products. Their regular non-Y2K line lasts over a year and their jerky is great stuff. For bargains, look at the "fines," misshapen pieces at half the regular price. Delivery is about three weeks on the Y2K line, no more than 10 days on their regular stuff.

-- Old Git (, October 04, 1999.

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