outdoor barbeque for baking?

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Hi Everyone,

I have a large outdoor barbeque that uses charcoal in the bottom and has a very large top that closes over it for smoking meat. The square shaped grill can be used for corn, potatoes, etc. as well.

Does anyone know if this area could be used like an oven for baking bread? If the temperature is right, I am assuming I would have to enclose it in something like a casserole dish to protect it from the charcoal dust. I was hoping I could put my pots and pans over it, but I have been afraid to try, for fear the heat would melt the handles. Has anyone any ideas, or will I have to learn by trial and error on this one?

Thanks. I have my wheat and grinder, and I am realizing it wont do me any good without an oven. It would be great to be able to use what I already have.


-- Lora (artemis45@hotmail.com), October 02, 1999


I have experimented with this in our gas grill, making bread. Bread dough in a loaf pan. Put a cake pan upside down on the grill, put the baking pan on top of the cake pan. Using a charcol grill, I would cover what I'm baking with aluminum foil. Worked pretty good. I'ld try it out now, so you can get a handle on the time it takes to get results.

-- DuffyO (duffyo@mailcity.com), October 02, 1999.

Lora, If you cover your pot and lid handles with heavy duty aluminum foil you will have no problem with heat melting the handles. I put my casseroles with regular handles in the oven all the time like this.

-- FOX (ardrinc@aol.com), October 02, 1999.

I have also used my gas/propane BBQ for baking bread. It did a very good job. I did not use the foil and there was no problem except for the slight smokey flavor in the bread. The foil would probably help this. Make sure you use a temp gage. If you do not have one, they can be purchased for $5-7 in most kitchen shops.

-- smfdoc (smfdoc@aol.com), October 02, 1999.

Consider one of the metal "country" mailboxes, with the swing down front door. Take other steps as necessary to improve on that. A portable oven thermometer placed at a strategic point will guide you.

-- A. Hambley (a.hambley@usa.net), October 02, 1999.

Thanks to everyone for the tips. I am so relieved to hear this and I plan to buy a thermometer and lots of foil to begin experiments!

Good luck to you all at rollover, Lora

-- Lora (artemis45@hotmail.com), October 02, 1999.

A. Hambly--

Love the mailbox idea! (I knew there was a better use for it than just collecting junk mail...)

-- winter wondering (winterwondering@yahoo.com), October 02, 1999.

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