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Please try to hit a before you put a URL in the Newsletter. There are so many URLs with - in it and your email package is allowing splitting words when a - is encoutered. Or perhaps you could turn that feature off in your email app.

Also you were testing the photoCD with Point & Shoot Digital Cameras as a inexpensive alternative for the masses to get into Digital photography. How about comparing the images with a consumer 35mm Point & Shoot. It is great to know that a Nikon SLR manual focus with Kodak Gold 100 makes great PhotoCD pictures. How about a 35-105 zoom pocket auto everything with 200? I am a brand new Digital Camera user. In high school I had a manual everything camera and it was fun, but too much work. I love P&S cameras and most take pretty good pictures MOST of the time. The main reason I bought a Digital camera (Olympus D-450Z) was to give me the opportunity to see the results and determine if I need to take another photo. No more getting home waiting a week to get the pictures back and finding out that that great shot of my child with a clown under a picnic tent is just a siloette of someone in front of bright background. While expensive, I did get a great deal ($288 for camera and xtra 16Meg flash). I don't think it will take long to recover the costs compared to 35mm film, processing, and photoCD creation. However I would like to know how it compares. How good is the kodak CD service using my P&S 35mm compared to my 1.3Mp P&S?

-- Chris Weaver (, October 02, 1999


Chris -

EXCELLENT suggestion! - I grabbed an old P&S that was around the house, will also borrow my son's, and run a few rolls through, try to get some samples done before the next issue. (Fabulous deal on the 450Z, by the way. - *including* extra 16 meg? wo

-- Dave Etchells (, October 02, 1999.

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