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-- Chen (, October 02, 1999


Provide more info. This is mis-leading Chen. So far only early Sony DVD players, early Toshibas, a lot of Samsungs, and some Panasonic players have this problem. Philips, RCA, JVC, Raite, newer Sony, newer Toshiba, and Pioneer players do not have this problem. I can watch it just fine on my RCA 5210P. One my friends can not watch it on his Samsung and my other friend can view it just fine on her Philips DVD825. And by the way, by October 20, 1999 no player will have a problem with this movie. All firmware from all manufacturers willhave shipped and have been installed.

-- The Lone Ranger (, October 02, 1999.

could someone tell me where i can get VCD Matrix in London, please . THANX.

-- Habib Hussain (, October 05, 1999.


Go to or but be forewarned Matrix is edited in Malaysia and Singapore(where these are located). you may want to wait for or to get the Hong Kong versions in. the Hong Kong version is uncut and slated to be in widescreen.

-- the Lone Ranger (, October 05, 1999.

Matrix has no nude sex scene, it has nothing to be edited!

-- chen (, October 05, 1999.

Some of the violence was cut from the film. Also lost was some seconds of Neo nude in the slide and water. The shootout sequence near the end was also shortened. Malaysia and Singapore censorship rules are this:

1. Nudity gets edited out all the time. Ex. Lethal Weapon 1 does not have the tracking shot of Mel Gibson's butt(sorry ladies). Titanic has a shorter scene with Jack drawing Rose, you see his hands doing the work but the camara shots moving up to see her nude body are omitted.

2. Extreme violence, extreme blood, and fear are edited out or is censored in some way. Ex. Braveheart is seven minutes shorter than the original version. Air Force One omits two shots of hostages with guns held to their heads.

3. Language is the third item and very rarely is edited out. Ex. Dangerous Alliance/The Craft dubs out the F word in a scene.

-- The Lone Ranger (, October 05, 1999.

Lone Ranger,

The Regulation are more relex now. That's why new movies f*** are not censored anymore. 1. Nake Neo is there..not censored I guess you don't have a copy of it. I will send you some shot if it!.. hee.. to prove to you.

Yes, the older Malaysia and singapore VCD are censored but the latest titles are not, I wonder why? It could be the election around the conner or the rules are more relex now. LR, my bro is using MAC, he has problem playing my Matrix but I can play it using VCD player or my xingmpeg. He is using quicktime and media player. Do you know any good mac software for him to play it?

-- Chen (, October 05, 1999.

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