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I just picked this week's Canadian Tire sale flyer out of the mailbox. Items on sale (in order of appearance):

kero heaters, 2 kinds; radiator-style oil heater; generator; plumbing antifreeze; window insulation kit; propane heater/cooker; caulking; chainsaw; "winterizing products"; safes (!); fire extinguishers; battery smoke alarms; wodstove; fireplace accessories (incl. kettle); chimney support kit; stovepipe; waterproof matches (!); lightsticks (!); sterno (!); propane, naptha, kero lanterns; batteries; propane and naptha stoves; water containers; water purifying tabs; enamel coffee pot (!); emergency heat kit; first aid kit; water filter jugs; steel padlocks (!), fuels; fuel cans.

All in one flyer. My god.

-- PH (, October 01, 1999


Sounds like they are holding a special "prepare for a snowstorm" sale.

-- Mad Monk (, October 01, 1999.


I was looking through it also, all that was missing was the "Are you ready for Y2K?"

-- Brian (, October 01, 1999.

Stopped in at the Tractor Supply this evening. On the automatic doors going into the store they have large, bright orange signs that say, "We're Ready, Are You?" Merchandise located towards the front of the store and on the endcaps throughout the store featured 'preparedness' items.

Ready? Ready for what?

-- Wilferd (, October 01, 1999.

I think it's a theme: Crappy Spud flyer says "Ready for WINTER" in big red letters on the front. Wow. Cultural artifacts.

-- PH (, October 01, 1999.

Well at least they are doing their bit. I wonder what there return policy is after the rollover :o)

By the way, where does "crappy spud" come from. On the wet coast it is just crappy tire.

Oh, and there was no wheat grinder in the list. SHAME!

-- Brian (, October 01, 1999.

Crappy Spud comes from my partner, who picked up in the late '70s in Edmonton, I think. Beyond that, anybody's guess. What do you make of their Northern Escape bags? We need to get sleeping bags, and I'm reluctant to spend megabucks. Maybe I should ask this as a prep forum Q.

-- PH (, October 01, 1999.

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