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Some plzzzz help me. I've been trying to transfer one of my VHS movies to VCD but i'm having alot of problems. For starters, I don't know how I'm suppose to encode the mpeg file using ATI VCR (the specifications ie. size, frame rate etc.). The second problem i have is that whenever I try to bring the mpeg file into Easy VCD creator, it doesn't accept the file, it gives me and error msg (something to the extent of "file format not supported") Can someone plz help me

thank you very much

-- Joannes Chan (, October 01, 1999


Im using an ATI capture card too. the MPG encoder that comes with the card does not have the VIDEOCD profile. you need a software that will allow you to convert the AVI files to the VIDEOCD MPG PROFILE. Also I it is better if you use the 352x240 size from the beggining. Try capturing on VCR2 it is better. then edit it or convert it to MPG and then just import it to the burner. You will probably ask more questions at that moment. mail me to help you out as far as I KNOW MYSELF.... at the moment i'm having problems with the importing to the EASY CD BURNER SOFTWARE....It accepts the mpg file but it seems to have conflict with the XING MPGplayer...So im in search of someone who can lead the way to fix this problem. bye..... carlos

-- carlos moreno (, October 08, 1999.

try using VCD Gear. it's a software that can convert all sorts of video formats. it also does mpg -> dat or avi -> dat. available at

-- Lakh Gill (, February 23, 2001.

Use the new ATI Multimedia Center 7.1. It will allow you to select VCD when capturing. When I use adaptec EZ cd 4 deluxe to burn i can only create vcd 2 which will not playback on the vcd player in MMC 7.1. Does anyone know how to create true vcd 1.1?

-- phill busch (, April 18, 2001.

Well, guys, I have ATI AIW 128, Nero 5, and found that the ATI Player didnt support the VCD 2.0, so I got QuickVCD, an overlay for Windows Media Player 6 or greater. And it's free, I found it on CNet

That way, you can be playing files or tv and have the vcd open at the same time.

any other suggestion is really double work, b/c I think VCD 2.0 is the standard for twin-laser DVD players. Unless, of course, you have time on your hands to make duplicates.

Sorry, no I dont know about VCD 1.1. this is just a workaround, based on compatibility. Understand that the MPG files become DAT files, with a file list on Track 1

-- Jason White (, April 21, 2001.

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