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As if I didn't have enough to do, and not enough money or time to do it, does anyone out there know of anyone who has built their own 11x14 camera, either from scratch, a published plan, a kit, or kit/old camera parts - bashing?. I'm talking inexpensive as possible (old barrel process lenses, Packard shutters) where the most expensive single component would be the (very over priced) 11x14 film holders.

How about something with very limited movements for far subjects, like a "monster" Granview, 11x14 Gowland, or 11x14 Hobo (I'm NOT thinking handled, just similar simple construction).

I'm thinking this would be a nice LONG term/spare time (Ha!) project.

Any good 11x14 web pages?

Thanks in advance. Sheldon

-- sheldon hambrick (sheldon_hambrick@hotmail.com), October 01, 1999


sheldon - i have never seen a kit for 11x14, but only a couple of things are fixed determinants in the construction of a lf camera body - the back, and the bellows. i imagine you have looked at bender's camera kits, so you have a good idea of the basic overall construction scheme. the key is finding a sturdy metal spring-loaded back with holders, and a set of bellows long enough to accommodate the lenses you want to use. (you can find vendors for such items in shutterbug magazine.) then you design the rest of the body to conform to the back and bellows, based loosely around what you have discovered about how other 11x14s are constructed and shaped - there are no rules - think of the people who built the mammoth-plate cameras of the 19th century, each one designed from scratch and unique. such a project can be a challenging, and therefore, very rewarding experience.

-- jnorman (jnorman@teleport.com), October 01, 1999.

Hi, there is a really useful mailing list for people like us who want to make cameras! If you ask these people then someone might well know: http://rmp.opusis.com/mailman/listinfo/cameramakers Hope this helps

-- David Ivison (david_ivison@yahoo.co.uk), July 17, 2001.

Jay Bender (benderphoto.com) makes inexpensive cherry wood 4x5 and 8x10 kits ($300 and $400, respectively; I have both). Though he does not currently sell 11x14 kits, he has a mailing list that you can put yourself on. If he gets enough interest, he just may offer one. I don't think you'll get much more inexpensive than his kits, they're easily modified/repaired, and Jay's a great guy to deal with over the phone.

-- Anthony Karnezis (karnezis@aecom.yu.edu), September 13, 2001.

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