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I'm considering bobbing the hammer spur off of my 2 inch .357 snubbie to reduce snagging issues.How much versitility does one loose in a defensive application with no single action?It would seem that training DAO would make the one consistant trigger pull more stress reliable.

-- zoobie (, October 01, 1999



I once had the hammer "bobbed" from a S&W Model 39 autoloader, and found that it reduced the imnpact of the hammer on the firing pin to the point that at least one brand of commercial ammo didn't function reliably due to the lighter firing pin impact (has to do with mass and inertia). Since I handload exclusively, and the primer I use is not so sensitive, the gun works reliably.

If you "bob" the hammer spur, you still can use it in the single action mode by slowly pulling the trigger and let the hammer come part way back and then thumbing it the rest of the way back after releasing the trigger. I do it all the time with my Model 39 S&W.

And you'll never get to the point that you can shoot double action as well as you can single action; well, maybe not never, but it would take more time and practice than you have.


-- Gerald R. Cox (, October 01, 1999.

Thanks for the input Gerald.I shoot a .45 glock30 as my primary defensive gun with a heavy(12 pound)trigger,so a long smooth DAO seems to have few drawbacks to me and my way of shooting.

-- zoobie (, October 02, 1999.

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