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Police and firefighters rely on the city's communication system to answer your call for help but with the potential Y2K computer problems will that call be answered on January first? The city of Jackson says "yes."

Police communications and Y2K Bert Case JACKSON/HINDS COUNTY, Sept. 29  Jackson built a brand new radio system in 1995 that combined fire and police communications.

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The problem with the over six million dollar system was that it was the only GE Erricson system surrounded by incompatible Motorola systems in other agencies and it was not Y2K compatible. Communications director George Crecenti says the Y2K problem will be fixed.

Crecenti said, To the best of my knowledge they will be here sometime in late October to do that work. Crecenti also confirmed the city is talking with the county about going into the countys new digital system. I think the city has made the decision and the city is talking with the county, and the interest is to move public safety to the digital system that the county is installing. Thats news to Sheriff Malcolm McMillin who will oversee the county system. Sheriff McMillin said, First Ive heard about it is from you. I would think if they took something of that magnitude, maybe they would let the sheriffs office know about it. McMillin, however, believes it would be a good thing. First time in history, you know, we would have a communication system where we could talk to each other. Hinds County emergency operations directory Larry Fisher says the county system should be in place by January. Fisher said, We will be testing in January to be operational in June of July. It is estimated the cost of Jackson using the county system will be six to eight million dollars and nobody knows where that money will come from. People who use police scanners to listen to Hinds County will not be able to use them with the new digital system.


-- Homer Beanfang (Bats@inbellfry.com), October 01, 1999

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