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I started to post this as an answer on Hyatt's forum. I think this idea is very important.

This is in response to a thread about keeping quiet about your preps.

Many of the ills in our world today happened because good people did not want to get involved. It is very difficult to keep talking about Y2K when others ridicule us. There is no better way to practice being an adult than to do the right thing when others would rather do the easy thing.

If we all talk about what we are doing and why, the very numbers will put a crimp in the Clinton/Koskinen message. They only win because we are silent.

Each person who quietly prepares and keeps that knowledge to himself is playing on the Clinton/Koskinen team

I have spent the last year of my life working on getting the word out about Y2K. I could be earning at least $100 an hour or more programming. I am not earning anything. I am depleting my savings spreading the word. I host a website for which I pay out of my own pocket. Because a lot of people do not have the Internet, I put the information in book form. I had to buy software to create the website. I had to buy software to do the book. I had to pay all kinds of fees to allow me to sell the book. I will not break even.

I will not stand by idly while others suffer if I have the means to help.

While I cannot feed the whole world, I plan to help the members of my family who ridiculed me. I'll have some beans and rice to give to neighbors I know, who didn't pay attention. (This is not an invitation to the whole world)

If people are starving around me, I will not survive. While I do not plan to feed the whole world, I do not for a minute think I live in an island.

I have water and the means to pump more out of the ground. I have a wood stove and the wood to burn in it.

I realize that others do not have the means to buy as much as I have bought. They do, however have knowledge to share.

If you want to talk about it, but cannot find the words, here are some tips for you:


How to Talk About Y2K by Sally Strackbein

Last year, Ray and I wrote and sent a Y2K newsletter to our neighbors. We invited them to meet at our house to talk about Y2K. There was virtually no response. We were depressed. Then the winter ice storm hit, leaving our neighborhood without electricity. We walked through the snow and ice, checking on our neighbors, offering water, light and a place to stay warm. We discovered that, even though we thought no one was reading our newsletters, several families prepared for Y2K because of our information. They were prepared for the ice storm. They could remain in their own homes, while others had to compete for hotel rooms or stay with friends or family.

You may never know how many people you help. Someone came up to me at a large public meeting and said, "Thank you so much. We started preparing for Y2K after we saw you on television." I thought we had looked silly in the news piece that had aired, but I guess we must have made sense.

Having your neighbors prepared is second only to preparing yourself. If we have power failures, no one will be able to do extensive traveling (gasoline pumps won't work). Having a prepared neighborhood is essential. You may need their help and support as much as they need yours.

1. Make the decision that educating others about Y2K is infinitely more important to you than the fear of ridicule.

Once you make this decision, the "feeling foolish" issue recedes to the background. View those who make fun of you as deserving your compassion (they won't be prepared) rather than having the power to destroy your confidence Remember, always, that the more prepared your neighbors are, the more prepared you are. Your life may depend on the cooperation and assistance of others.

2. Give them information to read. You can send the Y2K articles all at the same time or do one at a time, allowing a few days or a week in between.

Print out copies of the "Excerpts from the Executive Summary of the Senate Report". Print out copies of the "Y2K Problem Statement". Print out copies of "You Buy Insurance, Don't You". (These papers are on

3. Invite them to talk. After you have passed out the articles, if you can, invite your neighbors over for cookies and conversation. You will probably have 1 or 2 who will come. You will be lucky if you have more. Hopefully, the ones who come will then talk to the neighbors they are closest to.

4. If you need help in structuring a meeting, the Utne Reader Y2K Citizen's Action Guide has instructions on how to have a meeting. This booklet is available in book stores or you can download it from . My only reservation is that you be careful when talking about preparing. Keep it simple. If you talk about storing large amounts of rice, beans and wheat, some people will stop listening.

5. Talk to anyone who will listen. When someone notices the cans of food in your grocery cart and comments, "Are you doing a chili cookoff?" tell the truth. Say, "I am preparing for Y2K." Many times, they will ask a question. Practice your response. Your own words and stories are preferable, if you are comfortable using your own words. If not, say:

"The United States Senate Special Committee on the Year 2000 Technology Problem has published a report stating that 'the Committee believes that some disruptions will occur, and that in some cases Y2K disruptions may be significant.'"

You can even write this statement on a little card and carry it in your pocket or purse.

6. Respect other people. There is more than one way to prepare for Y2K. Whatever people do, doing something is better than doing nothing.

7. Keep talking. Don't get discouraged. Keep in mind that you may never know who you've helped. You may have prepped the person who laughed at you to listen to the next person who approaches them about Y2K.

8. Keep listening . People will tell you how they can help. You are not alone

License is granted to print and distribute this article so long as it is printed in its entirety, including this notice and so long as no fee is charged or accepted. Contact for other license arrangements. Copyright ) Sally Strackbein Get more! Buy Y2K Kitchen - The Book (703)262-0300 voice/fax Y2K Kitchen, 12030 Sunrise Valley Dr., #300, Reston, VA 20191

-- Sally Strackbein (, October 01, 1999


I agree.

-- Stan Faryna (, October 01, 1999.

Sally, I have enjoyed your website. You truly are an inspiration. I think when it all boils down, I would try to do the same helping family friends and neighbors. I find myself angry with my wealthy sisters who are blowing their money, yet will not invest a dime prepping, or work with me. I'm getting extra beans and rice for them!

-- Marsha (, October 01, 1999.

Sallu, I am vocal, but it actually is too late because what's in the supply chain is all there is...

-- Mara Wayne (, October 01, 1999.

Sally, thank you very much. You are an inspiration. Keep up the good work.

-- no talking please (, October 01, 1999.

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