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The Northern Virginia Year 2000 Community Action Group (NOVA Y2K)


Preparing for Emergencies this Winter

October 10, 1999 Noon - 4 PM Fairfax County Government Center

Guest Speaker: Megan Aldrich, The American Red Cross


12:00 Welcome Fairfax County Government

12:10 U.S. Senate Y2K 100 Day Report - Risks and Vulnerabilities Jay Golter, President NOVA Y2K.

12:30 Risks in Our Local Utilities - Electricity, Water, Gas, Telephone Susan Attas, computer scientist, member of NOVA Y2K

1:00 The Red Cross Recommendations for Emergency Preparedness Meagan Ulrich, National Capital Chapter of the American Red Cross

2:00 Jump Start Your Emergency Plan - Shop Locally Sally Strackbein, author of Y2K Kitchen, The Book.

3:00 Neighborhood Preparedness Jay Golter, President NOVA Y2K.

3:30 Generator Safety: What salespeople won't tell you Ray Strackbein, Technology Consultant experienced in generator installation for public utilities

3:50 Emergency Preparedness - What Should You Do Now? Jay Golter, President NOVA Y2K

4:00 Conclusion

Simultaneous Sessions: Throughout the day, breakout sessions and workshops on Y2K risks and personal preparedness will take place in adjacent conference rooms.

-- Sally Strackbein (sally@y2kkitchen.com), September 30, 1999


WHAT - NO LUNCH!!? Darn Sally, I thought you'd be whippin up a buffet of Y2K goodies! Hey, I don't have your book yet, but I will look into getting it this weekend. In the meantime, got any quick hints on how to make my tuna talk? (seriously)

-- @ (@@@.@), October 01, 1999.


I just went to Amazon.com to see if your book is available and it has someone else's name on it! (J. Candy Arnold?) Is yours available in the stores like Barnes and Noble?

-- @ (@@@.@), October 01, 1999.

just for @......

1 small can tuna (drained)

1/3 cup chopped onion

1/3 cup chopped bell pepper

1/4 tsp salt....1/4 tsp black pepper

1 tablespoon flour

1 egg

mix together and shape into patties......fry in a small amount of oil over medium heat till heated thru and brown on each side

(experiment with whatever other spices you think are good.....ie lemon pepper, hot sauce, etc)

yum yum

-- andrea (mebsmebs@hotmail.com), October 01, 1999.

mmmmmm yuuuuuummmy. andrea... you married? Sounds goooooooood, like crab cakes but with tuna. I think I'll try those before January just in case it might be hard to get eggs for a while. Thanks...you got me thinkin now...if I don't have a job next year I think I'm gonna spend a lot of time cookin.

-- @ (@@@.@), October 01, 1999.


You have to order Sally's Cookbook directly from her. You can do it online at her web site, http://www.y2kkitchen.com. I got more than a couple. One for me and many for friends and family.

Stan Faryna

Got 14 days of preps? If not, get started now. Click here.

-- Stan Faryna (faryna@groupmail.com), October 01, 1999.

Thanks Stan, Sally musta fell asleep I guess bein way over yonder in Virginia where it is past midnite. Her website has a lot of free recipes but since I don't feel like printin all of em I'll probably get the book anyway. 14 days of preps? Yeah, no problem! I've been preppin for over a year now and at this point it's just a matter of finding the unusual things I didn't think of that might come in handy. I bet were going to be finding out that some things we never thought of could be very valuable because other people won't have thought of it either!

-- @ (@@@.@), October 01, 1999.


I've been lucky enough to eat Sally's cooking on two occassions: both times the dishes were based on recipes out of her cook book and they were quite good.

You're right about forgetting about things that might be scarce next year. For example: the other day, I was looking for an elastic hair band (I gots long hair) and couldn't find anything but my girlfriend's pink ones. Well, I'll be damned if I go out to a business meeting with a pink hair tie (or anywhere else for that matter), so I picked up a little more than a year's worth of the black ones at the grocery store. I may go back and get some more as they might be a good barter item.

Sincerely, Stan Faryna

-- Stan Faryna (faryna@groupmail.com), October 01, 1999.

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