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I made the cakes and they sealed well. But several of them collapsed upon cooling and left about 2 inches empty in the jar. Will they be safe to eat in a few months?

-- Jill D. (, September 30, 1999


I would think they would be safe enuff, but I suspect that you didn't bake then long enough and they "fell". You will find that they will shrink a bit in the jar as they cool, which makes them easy to get out of the jar without tearing them up. I have found as a rule of thumb, the jar cakes (pt jars) take about half the time as if you were baking a regular cake. But give them the toothpick test before you take out of the oven. Also, even if they are a little over done, they won't dry out like a regular cake would from over baking, as once you slap that lid on, that moisture has no where to go but stay in the jar/cake. Good eating!!

Taz...who is giving everyone in the family a jar cake, an oil lamp made from a fruit jar, a solar battery charger and some glycerine soap (if I get it made), A Tuna Can candle, a jar of Wild Florida Grape jelly as Christmas gifts.

-- Taz (, September 30, 1999.

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