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Several years when the electricity went out in the winter and we had a refrig full of food (that we didn't want to loose), we figured out how to save it for 3 days with no electricity. We put the items directly on the cold cement basement floor, and covered the food with insulation and tinfoil (to reflect the cold into the food). We actually had some ice chrystals in the milk. It was January. Might work for several months or as long as the basement floor maintained a cool temp.

-- Nancy (, September 29, 1999


Wondering where you live. At my house in the midwest, the basement floor seems to run about 55 deg F in the winter. I'm somewhat expecting that if the power goes out the basement might actually be warmer than the upstairs due to the ground being warmer. Perhaps you live in an area with permafrost?


-- Mikey2 (, September 29, 1999.

We live in Iowa, and it sounds like your basement is a lot warmer than ours in the winter. With no heat in the basement and the refrig stuff sitting directly on the concrete floor, with an insulating blanket over it, the food stayed real cold.

-- Nancy (, September 30, 1999.

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