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When I try to run VCD with Xing MPEG Player 3.30 a message pops up saying: MMSYSTEMFAULT296.

I have a Pentium 200 MMX and one 24x Cd-rom and a HP 8100i plus cd-r. I use windows 95. I have both easy cd creator deluxe 3.5 and Nero burning rom 4.0 installed. I have tried to uninstall both nero and easy cd creator. It does not solve my problem. I have tried to take one cd-player out of my computer. It does not solve my problem. I have tried to run VCDs with Active Movie and VCD Player 5.0. It does not work. I have these drivers located under Multimedia Control Panel: [MCI]Autodesk Animation 1.10 [MCI]QuickTime for Windows [MCI]ViSCA VCR ActiveMovie MCI Driver CD-audio MPEG Video MIDI sequencer PIONEER laser-disc Wave audio Xing MPEG MCI driver

Please help me to solve this

-- Lars Lernestal (, September 29, 1999


copy the VCD .dat files from mpegav folder and try to use your xingmepg to play it from your harddisk, if it doesn't work, it is than your xingmpeg driver, if it works, than it is your cd-rom driver. I did have a VCD that can't play with xingmpeg but it works on my svcd player

-- chen (, September 29, 1999.

Nero removes the scsi1hlp.vxd from the Windows/system/Iosys directory since it causes conflicts. This file is needed for IDE CDROMs to act like SCSI drives so that multimedia players can read the *.dat files. EZCD has no conflict with this file. Without this file, you can not even transfer the dat file to the HD. You can find this file in one of the CAB files on the windows 95 or 98 disk using winzip or winrar. See previous discussions about this on this forum or on CDR info site. Good Luck.

-- Somebody (, September 30, 1999.

I Have the scsi1hlp.vxd in my Windows/system/Iosys dirctory but I can4t copy *.dat files to my harddrive anyway. What else can be wrong?

-- Lars Lernestal (, September 30, 1999.

when im playing some vcd's in xing mpeg player.its showing an error saying."occured in intializing MCI".

-- mohammed misbah waseem (, September 14, 2003.


-- (, April 22, 2004.

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