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I have spent the summer trying to figure out exactly what the new year could bring, and I have reached the following worst case senereo. I feel that there will be a stock market collapse before thw new year, followed by the beginnings of a depression. this will create a sense of hopelessness, and will b an excuse for why the lights go out next year(ie: "you didn't pay your utility bill so we shut your power off", instead of "it was a y2k failure") the collapsing economy will be made much worse by the failures next year. I feel that we will then have years of depression, followed by world war 3. But thanks to Klintoon( who will still be in office via EO's+ martial law)we will lose, as the US will absorb a nuclear/bio/chem first strike from China/Russia, North Korea, ect, ect, ect... without responding, and therefore repay his masters, who put him into power in the first place. With the US out of the way, or occupied, he will be rewarded(maybe) will the job of Komisinar of the north american protecorite of COMMUNIST China, or some such post. With the US out of the way the balance of power will shift in favor of the NWO. All of the US troops overseas will have no choice but to join with the newly reformed UN. WW3 will then comenence, and in the process Mecca will be nucked(by Isreal, after they are defeated by the Arab states. This is why we are abanoning them and forcing them to hand over their hard won lands), thus defeating Islam. This will be the excuse used by the UN to get access to the middle eastrn oil. At this point, Europe will fall to russia , south asia to china, then these two will fight, and destroy each other, paving the way to the antichrist. Again, this is just IMHO. What's your worst case senario?

-- Crono (, September 29, 1999


run out of coffee first thing in the morning aaaaarrrggghhh!

-- Captain Caffeine (, September 29, 1999.

The errant chips will befoul all the plans of mice and men. An uninhabitable planet.

-- oo (oo@oo.oo), September 29, 1999.

The worst case scenario as I see it, is that you are allowed to roam the streets in your current depressive paranoid frame of mind, where you are a threat to hurt yourself or someone else.

Hey, this is just like Dale Carnegie except the exact opposite........

Bet you don't get invited to a lot of parties huh?

Seriously, cheer up!!

-- Craig (, September 29, 1999.

And I thought it would be your slow and painful death by ants eating you one bite at a time.

Or it could be that you are invited to the White House and ask the wrong question.

-- chicken farmer (chicken-farmer@, September 29, 1999.

Monica Lewinski gets her own talk show.

-- hey (it@could.happen), September 29, 1999.

And of course if none of this happens you will post here in January with:

Oops! Sorry about that!

-- Maxwell Smart (, September 29, 1999.

My worst case prediction is that the first of the year comes and goes without more than a few minor troubles.

"Don't relax yet!" say the denizens of this forum, "the failures need time to cascade and grow to crisis proportions! It's coming soon!"

When it all hangs together, January 3 is one of the biggest growth days in history for the stock market, and gold dumps to an all-time low.

February and March pass away, the world is getting on with itself and the few troubles that occurred are written on sticky notes in the "end of the year issue" file at Time magazine. "Just wait," say the doomers, "the stuff in the pipeline is holding it together, and I read on a different forum that someone who was once a government employee says that everyone is scrambling to cover up the massive problems about to result in collapse and martial law!"

April, May, and June pass, and Y2K is a chuckle when David Letterman talks about the people who are only now coming out of their bunkers to see what's left, while some practical jokers wait around outside wearing Hillary Clinton masks. About now, the theory arises that the embedded chips must calculate dates by counting seconds, and that they'll run out of seconds by the end of the year (or some other logic maneuver that says it's still out there a month or two away.)

And so it goes - the crisis is forever a few months away, but looming closer every day. A year ago, by now it was supposed to be depression economics and riots. Now, with three months till hour zero, the badness is being pushed out to sometime in the next year. Where will it be this time next year? Probably out to 2001 or whatever "crucial" date is next up to strike out.

Sorry guys, but it *is* all over except for the crying. Just not in the way you expected.

By the way Crono, your projections would be amusing if they weren't so completely pathetic. Nuke Mecca and you defeat Islam? As if every Moslem from Dakar to Surabaya will spontaneously freeze up if the mosque is destroyed. Puh-leeze. The rest of your screed is no better.


-- Jeff Zurschmeide (, September 29, 1999.

Very interesting take Crono. I agree with you that we live in imperiled times, and that our freedom as a nation, and existence as sovereign is numbered. God's judgement is at hand on our sinful people, and destruction is our earned lot.

But with Scripture as a guide, and the trend of current events and history as a sextant, we can plot a likely course of events that will throw the globe into an unparalleled time of chaos known as "Jacobs trouble".

I agree as you that Clinton is not going anywhere, and in fact is relishing the notion of unchallenged monarchal rule through the Declaration of Martial Law, which of course the nation will want and clamour for to restore the "Way things were". Yes we are vulnerable to nuke/bio/chem attack. In fact it is probable that these will likely occur. As far as WHO lets them loose; could be a whole slew of 'em working together on that one. Russian materiel with Chinese intelligence funded by Osama Bin-Laden through Serbian agents and executed by Islamic terrorists from sponsor nations such as Iraq, Sudan or even Iran. And it will have happened through the willing ignorance and treason of THIS most evil of Administrations.

I believe Y2K problems will facillitate several regional conflicts that will erupt with such volatile force, we will not even be able to respond or comprehend what has happened. I think N. Korea goes South. China moves into Taiwaan to "help" their "brothers" out of their disaster and India and Pakistan duke it out with tactical nukes.

But here's where we begin to part speculative company.

I do not think the NWO as you describe it will involve the Asia/ Pacific/Russian ring. Out of the vacuum created by the outright collapse of the United States both monetarily and infrastructurally, EUROPE gets it's act together with the blessings of a new authoratative religious system and becomes the final Horn of Daniel's prophetic dream; The Last Rise of the Holy Roman Empire. Aided by the banking/money king families of Europe, the forging of ten nations or groups of nations out of desperation will become the feet and clay mixed of Nebuchadnezzar's prophetic dream of the "Beast", revealed in the book of Revelation. This "Beast" institutes a new "Governmental system" of whose foundations have been laid over the last century, and now whose steel superstructure is now being erected in plain sight of those who recognize this "system" for what it is. In order to do business and to enjoy the blessings of freedom and consumer delights, all will need to become a part of this system by deed and by ideology (the "mark" so often quoted). Without being involved in this new system, no business will be allowed to be conducted within it.

The United States does not figure into this new "Beast" of nations. The 1/3 of our people left alive after our virtual annihilation will become...slaves or captives of an order not even the Ancient Hebrews will be able to compare. It will truly be a time of Tribulation, as the persecution of our people will be unrivalled in all history.

During this same time I believe that Israel finds itself at war again with the Islamic nations around it as the Palestinian question becomes sheer greed as they attempt to declare Jrusalem their capital, which Israel will NEVER accept. To show their defiance and steadfast belief that Jerusalem is the eternal Jewish capital, they begin to rebuild the Temple at the Mount, inciting a holy war. With the world's oil supplies tightened due to y2K problems, the war there is costly and puts more reserves at risk.

At this point the first test of the NWO or "Beast" is beheld by all as European Superpower (UN?) blows through Israel, driving out the conflict and the revived Church sets up its headquarters there in Jerusalem. Where two preachers start a ministry the whole world will hate. The Plagues and signs of God's wrath are poured out during this time on an unrepentant mankind culminating in the two preachers' (witnesses)' annihilation, which happens in front of all, and there is rejoicing as they are blamed for the torment and judgementalism they preached on everyone.

It is unclear whether Islam is absorbed or joins the new order, or is simply destroyed from the conflict in Israel, but news from the East (Asia/China/Russia alliance) causes the new order to turn its attention to them and prepare for the ultimate conflict that would wipe all life off this planet if God didn't intervene directly.

But God DOES intervene, and Y'shua, Jehova, Jesus or Messiah- whatever you call Him - , descends with a shout and the sound of the trumpet to cleave the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem in two. A deceived and frightened mankind will believe that this Entity is indeed the prophesied 'Anti-christ" and all nations - 200 MILLION men will gather together in a global act of unison, in the plain of Meggido, to march through the Valley of Hinnom towards Jerusalem to destroy this "Anti- Christ".

There is no exact timetable or timeframe I'm going to speculate in the culmination of these things. It could be three months to thirty years away for all I know. The only guage of time I can apply is that when the 2 preachers begin their ministry in Jerusalem, the time they are allotted is three and one-half years, then they are killed. Three days later, Messiah descends with a shout from On High.

Not preaching at ya, you can believe this is all a bunch of imaginative crap. I don't care. It's not my job to make believers out of anyone, that's God's. But in the light of the trigger that I believe Y2K may be to instituting the "End of the Age", I thought I'd post my thoughts....not to impugn yours Crono. Russia and China will forge an alliance, not combat one another. I think we may be seeing that happening now.

Hope this stirs enough curiosity out there for y'all to blow the dust off yer bible's and to check-out whether this stuff is indeed in there. Convictions are better-based on proving for yourself what things mean, rather than blindly believing what you are told through tradition. If you think God is dead, or are an atheist or another persuasion, all I can offer is the speculation of man's past history with the puzzle pieces of the geopolitical landscape now taking shape.

I just use the Bible as a road-map to put the Geopolitical puzzle pieces into waypoints.

We do live in historic times. For the United States however, the picture is all but horrifying. But we will have done it to ourselves.

-- INVAR (, September 29, 1999.

In a fit of massive pique, the power utilities, at the beginning of this December, all band together and say they just won't provide any power to anyone, until people stop saying mean things about their remediation efforts. This will result in a massive epidemic of melted lawn ornaments, as people try to illuminate their plastic Santas, with highway flares. After a week of this, Consolidated Edison, seeing a chance to have record fourth quarter profits, renounces the energy strike and announces discount power for all of it's Big Apple customers. This results in 9/10ths of the U.S. population emigrating to New York. The weight of this many people results, much to everyone's surprise, in the EAST coast of the U.S., and not the west, sinking into the ocean.

With the U.S. population density reduced to one person per 100 square miles, by the massive drown out, the Canadians, long angered at having to play the part of "America's little sidekick" will decide that this is THEIR time and take over the U.S.. American's will then be faced with an in perpetuity doom, to having presidents that say their O's funny, and put the word "Ey", at the end of every sentence.

Y2K computer problems will be averted, when the Zalmoofadorians, an alien race which has been taking pleasure cruises to Earth for millenia, will offer us a much needed "silver bullet" to fix all bad code. However, this will come at a great price. The Zalmoofadorians, have grown increasingly irritated with unrelenting French snobbery, ever since the Renaissance. Their price will be that the people of Earth finally do something about the "French Problem". Unfortunately, French wine connoissuers everywhere, will become outraged, and join in the defence of France. This will, in fact, be the trigger for the "Final Battle", and the Earth will be turned over to it's rightful heirs, the cockroaches.

The worst part will be that all of the above, will be filmed and will play as a "sitcom", on Zalmoofadorian TV.

-- Bokonon (, September 29, 1999.

INVAR, Amen and Amen I agree totally with your version of the end times. The only thing I see differently is the fact that I recently realized that we will go thru the tribulation until Yeshua comes again. I had previously thought we were raptured out and didn't have to experience the time of Jacob's Trouble. This was devastating to me as I have two little girls to protect. I guess we all must trust in the Lord and plan to endure and survive until the end. Prepare Spiritually first and physically second!\

-- (I Believe (Repent@time is, September 29, 1999.

Bokonon, LOL!!!!!!!!!! Do you write for Third Rock?

I Believe,

No we see the Tribulation the same way. The Tribulation is Satan's wrath on God's people (which He allows as our Judgement and punishment - see the history of Ancient Israel as a context to how God allows His people to be destroyed and go into captivity). God's wrath comes later, BEFORE the Messiah's return.

BTW, I do not subscribe to the "Rapture" doctrine. I understand the principle of what Peter was saying, but the First Century Church, the Jews and I would better define it as "Ressurection" not "rapture". Rapture is not a biblical word. Ressurection is. But the concept is the same for those whom are "ressurected" into spirit at Messiah's descent from On High to rule with Him.

-- INVAR (, September 29, 1999.

Invar, I must apologize because I reread your post 'slowly' and realized we are on the same page about the resurrection. I to know that the word rapture isn't biblical. I find it interesting trying to discuss this with family. They DNGI about the trib, not to mention about Y2K. We definitely are living in interesting times. Is your e-mail real?

-- (I Believe (Repent@time is, September 30, 1999.

Hey, you could be right INVAR, I was just guessing that senarieo, based on som personal ideas, maybe there WILL BE a permanant china/russia alliance. I wouldn't doubt anything at this point...

-- Crono (, September 30, 1999.

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