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I have a pruning tool (bypass pruner up to 1 1/2 inches) that I've been a little hard with over the past few months, and it really needs to get sharpened or filed or ??? I realize that I have some other tools that fall into the category of needing sharpening, also. And that knowing how to do so might qualify on the "Martha" list as "A good thing."

While pondering this, and at the same time perusing the camping goods' aisles at Wally World, I happened to see that they sell sharpening stones. And I saw one that was about $6.

Is this sharpening stone something that will work on pruners? And on other tools needing sharpening? Is this a skill that is fairly easy to just "pick up on"? Wait-- let me re-phrase that to: is this something that is fairly idiot-proof?

If the stone thing doesn't really work well, or doesn't really work well unless you've spent 1,000+ hrs using it, how does one sharpen tools, etc-- or who do you take them to these days?

Just another example of something else I barely have a clue about...


-- winter wondering (, September 29, 1999


Hi WW,

IMO, everyone should have a sharpening set for knives, scissors and other cutters.

I have a Lansky set for general purpose sharpening, plus other, cheaper, sharpeners for scissors (Fiskars) and utility knives.

I got the Lansky set from : HTTP://

-- Dean -- from (almost) Duh Moines (, September 29, 1999.

Just a hint for future pruner abuse: Use bypass pruners on live wood. Get a set of anvil pruners for dead wood. And never cut anything with hand pruners that's too big to cut through on the first try. Use loppers or a saw for the big stuff.

-- yerfdog (, September 29, 1999.

Dittos on the Lansky. Get the 5 stone set and you can resharpen everything, except of course hollow ground knives which require a powered wetstone cylinder, an affordable unit is (was?) made by Wen and runs onf 12oVAC. Be sure to purchase extra oil .

-- Ken Seger (, September 30, 1999.

Re: extra oil

As someone who has never sharpened tools before, is oil needed for all types of sharpening or just the hollow ground stuff?

Is this something that 'anyone' can do with no previous training?


-- winter wondering (, October 01, 1999.

I'm going to beat Breybear to this one. Sharpening is something that anyone can do, all you need is something that is apropriately abrasive, an understanding of what you are trying to do and time.

what you are trying to do is remove metal. PERIOD. You are trying to remove metal in such a way that the cross section of the edge comes down to a point, reasonably evenly sloped on both sides. Makes a type of "V", as a ,matter of fact. The angle of the "v" is something that can start a LOT of arguments but suffice it to say if you are splitting (an axe forinstance) the angle ought to be fairly large, and if you are cutting it needs to be smaller (real hard to draw in cyberspace and this software). The only thing that you need to remember is that you would like to have some semblance of similarity in the angle from one end ot the other of the blade. this is something you can do by eye.

You may start with a fairly course stone/mill bastard file, and progress through several levels of coarsness to very fine stones, depending on what you are sharpening. If you are sharpening a hoe, you may stop with th efile, if you are sharpening a straight razor, you will progress through the stones to a leather strop, the inside of a water glass, or the palm of your hand (with LOTS of PRACTICE and THOUGHT).

Pocket, sheath and work knives will enter and leave this stream of sharpening tools at different points depending on use, though ALL should be able to shave the hair off an arm without removing skin.

Again, all you need is something apropriately abrasive, an understnading that all you are doing is removing metal and time to practice.

A word about "TECHNIQUE". There is NO ONE PROPER technique. It's like waxing skis, or sex. Different for everyone.


GB did I miss anything?

-- Chuck, a night driver (, October 01, 1999.

OH YEAH, ......... "Oil" ........ NO! NOT ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY!

I have 2 arkansas stones which, if the theory of clogging without oil were true would have clogged up a decade ago. the oil actually works much like cutting oil in drilling in that it cools the stone and the knife.


(Yes, GB, I kinda sandbagged ya at the house that weekend)

-- Chuck, a night driver (, October 01, 1999.

WRONG ! Wrong ! WRONG !

Well, at least about one thing. The rest is pretty accurate.

I don't know from waxing skis.

But, the one thing you are absolutely wrong about is that there IS one best way for sex. Mama Bear agrees and says we are going to keep trying until we find it.


-- Practice makes perfect

-- Greybear (, October 02, 1999.

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