Y2K Preparations Underway - (DETROIT)

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This is new from yahoo:

"Y2K Preparations Underway - (DETROIT) -- Preparations are being made for the upcoming Y-2-K computer glitch. The Detroit City Council is determining whether to spend 200-thousand dollars for water, food and other disaster relief items. In the neighboring upscale suburb of Troy, city leaders are undecided on how best to prepare for Y-2-K. The city management is recommending the council spend about 170-thousand dollars on disaster relief items like mats, blankets, water, flashlights, duffle bags, games and other supplies, just in case the dreaded computer glitch causes problems. "

But hey, YOU shouldnt do something like this, you're a doomer if YOU do it.

-- hamster (hamster@mycage.com), September 29, 1999


Wow, a little bit less than 50 cents per resident. Detroit residents might want to think about self-reliance.

-- Dog Gone (layinglow@rollover.now), September 29, 1999.

Troy Michigan.... I bet they are in the phone book!

Give em hell Flint

-- Flint's Mama (HeWas@Problem.Child), September 29, 1999.

link please?

-- blah blah (blah@blah.com), September 29, 1999.

Here it is:

http://dailynews.yahoo.com/headlines/local/state/michigan/story.html?s =v/rs/19990929/mi/index_1.html#8

-- Linkmeister (link@librarian.edu), September 29, 1999.

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