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Thanks to Roland---Clinton mentions y2k in meeting with religious leaders--"but I think at this prayer breakfast today I would like to say that there is more to getting ready for y2k than fixing computers. And when this kind of SEMINAL event occurs it gives us the opportunity to ask ourselves what it would take to be really ready for the year 2000."---Seminal adj. having to do with the semen of men or animals or having the possibility of future development: a seminal idea. there appeared other prophets who were trying to create by themselves small seminal NEW WORLDS inside the old (Edmund Wilson) World Book Dictionary, I'll leave it to you to answer if the President was refering to the tell-tail stains or announcing the NEW WORLD ORDER!

-- H.fats Kissinger (, September 29, 1999


It refers to the bull semen that he drinks every morning. (Ah, the breakfast of chumpions!) That is why he is so full of bull.

-- Mr. Adequate (, September 29, 1999.

Shame on you H.fats,

Clinton is the hope of the world. Don't you see? Fools try to wake people up about men plan to stack the deck in their favour when all the world wakes up and the BIG BAD DRAGON is at last here.

Clinton was smart from the beginning. He said a couple of times theat Y2K was serious business then he put it all in the hands of Koskin'em. Smart move. That is why Gore Vidal said "Clinton is the smartest president we ever had bar none and the slickest of politicians.

Now therefore since the sheeple will forever be sheeple, let Clinton ride in as the hero of 2000 battling the Y2KDragon and when everyone is running for water he will rise and crown himself ...Emperor of the New World Empire.

Now Republicans and Democrats will both be shocked. Governor Ventura will become supreme commander of the Pretorian Guard.

E pluribus UNUM and that UNUM will be Emperor Clinton the Great.

About time we decapitate all these minions blahbbering about being American Citizens when they cannot even notice when the Banks are shearing them the food companies are poisoning therm...the medical establishment have turned them into flesh by the pound.

Emperor Cl;inton will be benevolent. He will take up a thousand wives and install poligamy for all except ex- republicans who will be denied the right to use Viagra.

He will give all citizens of the New Universal Empire free medical and free education. He will limit the size of exploitation permitted, he will control all commerce through world wide trade and send police action into any country that messes with the poor and the afflicted.

He will retain the right of first night with any bride and will promote all men who defend the empire by establishing perpetual endouments.


Y2KDragon, the polly eater.

-- Y2KDragon (Rising@New world. order), September 29, 1999.

"all except ex- republicans who will be denied the right to use Viagra"

there's always Mexico, run for the border republoamigos

-- Mumsie (, September 29, 1999.

No necesitamos Viagra en Mexico!!! We are all hombres here not pussy willows.

Let Clinton be a macho americans need to be better machos.

Viva la revolucion.

-- Villa (Viva@la.revolucion), September 30, 1999.

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