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Hello everyone. I didn't update last night because of the usual "no time" excuse. I have really been trying to get the new page up. Its taking alot of effort because I am really trying to redo alot of the website. Its going o have a different look and feel. The abilities of the server I am going to be on is just awesome, I am trying to take advantage of that. I made alot of progress last night, about 4 am I admitted to myself it was time to go to sleep. I will be officially registering the domain name HackerBryan.com later today. I may go home early from work today, I'm not feeling well. I had nightmares last night so I couldn't sleep well. As weird as it may sound it was because of the traffic last night coming home. It was the worst I have EVER seen. There was a football game at sun devil stadium. Arizona Cardinals verse the SF 49ers. I unfortunately live very close to the stadium and it was starting right about the time I was driving home. The game sold out, so there were an extra 72,000 people trying to get around that area... and it was rush hour anyway. AHHH.... I was literally screaming and cussing by the time I got home. And then I had to deal with all the people selling parking, in my apartment parking lot. No I do not want to pay 5 bucks to park in front of my apartment.. *sigh*. Oh well I am really excited about the new domain, I have very high hopes so please check back in a few days. Then you can "check it out". ~Bryan

-- Bryan Starbuck from work (brystar@asu.uswest.net), September 28, 1999

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