What should the group call itself?

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We haven't resolved this issue yet, though there have been some interesting proposals and ideas.

Karen suggests, and I tend to agree, that the word "Cutter" needs to be in the title in order to have some PR benefit.

The real question, I guess, is whether it's necessary for the word "future" or "trend" to be in the title. It could just as easily be "The Cutter Council"

Any current thoughts from anyone?

-- Anonymous, September 28, 1999


I'm leaning toward to Cutter Futures Forum. I don't particularly like Council. The only council it think of are the Security Council and some of the old Church councils. Doesn't just brim over with creativity and insight.

-- Anonymous, September 28, 1999

Cutter 21st Century Forum or Cutter 21st Century Council

-- Anonymous, September 30, 1999

I like Ken's new suggestion: Cutter Futures Forum (aliterations are always nice!). But you could have the Forum be something the clients join (since it sounds inclusive) and still have a "Council," which consists of all of you luminaries. I understand Ken's reservations about the word "council." But, to me, a forum implies a large group. I've come up with a working, tentative description of the service, and broken it down (as you'll see when I e-mail it to all of you) into both a version for the masses and an elite add-on that involves booking one of you on retainer for both face-to-face and "off-shore" (Jim's word for e-mail/phone access billed in eight hour increments) consulting. The forum could be the word we apply to the elite group.

-- Anonymous, October 01, 1999

A recent quote: "American managers are fond of the word guru because the aren't sure how to pronounce charlatan."

Just so we don't get too caught up in this :).

-- Anonymous, October 06, 1999

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