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I went to my local Bank of America yesterday to use the ATM. Instead of little pictures of people "so happy" that they had a BofA loan, there was a big Y2K disclaimer. Between every screen this disclaimer came up and stayed for 5 or so seconds. It stated BofA is Y2K compliant, it is true! Believe us BofA is ready for the next millinium.... Your cash is safe with US!

It did not go so far as to say don't withdraw your $, I figure that is for next months message....

"Got Gold?"tm

Things will get worse before they get better...

-- Helium (, September 28, 1999


Well... we were warned their would be shysters trying to get us to turn our money over to them...making unsubstantiated claims they could protect us from Y2K glitches....

Here it is.

-- Linda (, September 28, 1999.

Hey dog....... did I remember to tell you today


Have a nice day.....

-- Ol' Scratch (, September 28, 1999.

Maybe they are Y2K compliant but their system is a mess.

Took 3 months to get a working ATM/debit card through BofA. Cards sent all stopped working within 3 days of being sent (expired date code). Was taking up to 3 weeks to get another card. Even temporary card that was issued only worked 24 h before it came up as expired date. Finally, two months of calling every 10 days to be told there was no record of a card being ordered. Last person asked if I was told to ask for card to be ordered and sent Fed Ex, got the card 2 days later and is still working over past month. Sure gives me confidence in their Y2K disclaimer.

-- connie bray (, September 28, 1999.

Ok, but do they have enough money to give every depositor their hard earned cash. If not, it doesn't really matter if their compliant or not does it?

At the Portland Community Y2K Conversation meeting, the CEO of BoA told the questioner, "If it even *looks* like there *may* be a run on the bank, we will close the branch" I swear, this is what he told us.

Immediately the guy from Clintons team, (can't remember his name), jumped in to difuse the statement with a bunch of spital about the extra money printed up in preparation, and all the rest of the usual garbage.

In other words, the bank can close it's doors at any juncture it determines is justified. NO OPTIONS AVAILABLE for the banks customers!

-- Michael (, September 29, 1999.

We heard the same thing, Michael. BTW, would you like to go with us to the next Y2K Council Meeting? Hear lotsa amazing stuff like this ... and it would be great to see you again! :-)

-- Ashton & Leska in Cascadia (, September 29, 1999.

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