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I'm looking for a two burner propane stove for my back deck to be used in conjunction with my grill. I've used the grill for boiling water and frying stuff, but a lot of the heat is wasted in those activities since the flame is too far below the bottom of the pot.

Most of the two burner units seem to be in the $100 price range. I don't really care whether I pay $100 or $150, a few dollars is no big deal, but I do want to get one that is serviceable and which will support heavy loads like a big stew or lobster pot. I cook outdoors a lot anyway, so I'd like to have it y2k or no y2k. Any suggestions?

-- Puddintame (, September 28, 1999


Ace hardware has two burner cast iron propane stoves for $39,we use ours on the deck to can when it is to hot in the house,real heavy duty.

-- Daryll (, September 28, 1999.

Puddingtame; Have you tried to locate some used BBQ grills with the side mounted burners ??? You can use those and build your grill around them,just as strong as you need it to be.

The hoses are already made for lp gas tanks and there are the control knobs with it too.


-- Furie (, September 29, 1999.

I bought a propane BBQ grill with a side burner,the front has a window and an oven tempature(sp?)gage on it.I plan to bake bread and other things beecause I will be able to adjust the heat.I bought it at Home Depot in southern California awhile back.

-- Maggie (, September 30, 1999.

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