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Thanks for a nice forum.

I use Virtualdub to cut out clips, but I need a tool to combine (concatenate) avi-files.

I'm not interested in using any big programs like Adobe Premiere, so if anyone knows a small tool I would be very happy :-)


-- Jakob Langgaard (, September 28, 1999


Mybe you can try "MPGLINK". This is a dos application which can concate several MPG file into one big file. It is useful when you make your VCD1.0/1.1 but you still need to convert them into MPG first. Also prepared the MPG clip tool will be better for this combine.

-- James Lin (, December 15, 1999.

You could us a software called fast movie processor, im using version 1.44, but you maybe able to find a newer version

-- Kush (, February 01, 2002.

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