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Mumsie e-mailed me a question about pets and antifreeze. I could not find the thread about antifreeze, so posting anew. Yes, pets are very attracted to antifreeze. Often fatally so. Destroys their kidneys and liver. Just a few days ago my car leaked antifreeze. I opened the door to the garage to see a puddle of fluid flowing from under my car. One of our cats was standing right by it, looking up at me as I opened the door. So, had he been drinking it, or not? And what to do? Called two vets. They said wait and see if the cat gets sick. Of course, then there is not much to be done, and what can be done is VERY expensive. Damage is done and they give life support, essentially. So I decided to do what I usually end up doing, approach it the natural health way. With understanding that prevention of damage would be the only thing that would help the cat much. I immediately gave the cat two large capsules of activated charcoal, to soak up as much as possible of the toxic stuff he might have ingested. Then after a bit (when it occurred to me) I gave him two large capsules of turmeric powder, which is good at antidoting all kinds of toxic stuff, even deadly snake bites. The symptoms to watch for are lack of appetite, sluggish behaviour, etc. A sick cat. His appetite was noticably off for a couple of days, during which I continuted with turmeric. Now seems back to normal. Of course, no knowing if he had ingested the antifreeze,or how much if he did. But this is a good treatment for such things. Any toxic stuff pets might ingest.

-- Shivani Arjuna (, September 27, 1999

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