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I would like to know the origional name of Twin Peaks. It was either native American or Spanish I believe, the english translation is "Breasts of the Maiden?" Thanks.

-- Mel Asher (, September 27, 1999


Spanish origin: "The Arroyo de los Dolores had its rise in Los Pechos de la Choca (The breasts of the Indian girl)-now Twin Peaks, and flowed down about the line Eighteenth street into the laguna."

"Arroyo" (span.) means "creek" My Source is a note (Nr.21) in the book "The Beginnings of San Francisco from the Expedition of Anza, 1774 to the City Charter of April 15, 1850" With Biographical and Other Notes By Zoeth Skinner Eldredge.

// Adress of this book: "" // Special adress of Note 21:""

-- Heinz-Dieter Krippendorf (, March 28, 2000.

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