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I've found some quite nice sound recordings, one or another of which sometimes strikes me as an appropriate comment on certain sorts of posts on this forum, or (alternatively) as an restorative in the small hours of the night.

On pointless, often abusive bickering between ranting doomers and ranting pollys: Marsh frogs (Greece)

On sophistry and/or absolutely clueless dithering: Kookaburra birds (Australia)

On certain posts which make it difficult to entertain the "Bump In The Road" hypothesis, and other unwelcome material: Common Loon (North America>

-- Tom Carey (tomcarey@mindspring.com), September 27, 1999



Has anyone pointed out lately that:

1)you are not a well person


2) You are TWISTED???

Thanks a LOT for them. Gotta love the loon!!


Who has canoed into loon country and made it back out sane

-- Chuck, a night driver (rienzoo@en.com), September 27, 1999.

Chuck, now I'll probably stay up all night wondering if the reason I want to move back to my homestate of Minnesota is from missing the sound of the loons.

-- Mumsie (Shezdremn@aol.com), September 27, 1999.

Chuck --

As for 1), that's a snide, unsubstantiated and utterly untrue rumor.

As for 2), Chubby Checker has a lot to answer for.

I can sleep well when the loons are calling (luckily they aren't kookaburras!)

Did you ever see a loon chick ride on its mother's back?

-- Tom Carey (tomcarey@mindspring.com), September 27, 1999.

One of the happiest afternoons of my life was spent floating quietly on the Crow Wing River and watching a loon family. A golden moment in time.

-- Mumsie (Shezdremn@aol.com), September 27, 1999.

I agree. You are truly a sick and twisted individual. I like that in a person!

I also appreciate that you made each sound optional...so those who may access the forum don't create problems for themselves.


-- Mad Monk (madmonk@hawaiian.net), September 27, 1999.

"I also appreciate that you made each sound optional..."

Once in a while my MS/IE4 hangs when it hits something in a post it couldn't handle, forcing a reboot. Didn't want to commit that sort of nuisance.

-- Tom Carey (tomcarey@mindspring.com), September 27, 1999.

Thanks Tom,

Rather liked the Looney Tunes too. Quite... on topic... lately.



-- Diane J. Squire (sacredspaces@yahoo.com), September 27, 1999.

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