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Finally I thought of something very useful to offer (I'm a spoiled suburban person) I know this is not as humane as some would like to be but drastic times call for drastic measures.......When you are doing the mouse trap thing, put the baited trap inside a brown paper lunch bag. Then you can lift it up and feel the weight and wimpy people don't even have to look inside. If you stocked up on mousetraps, just throw the bag out in the trash real fast. I know I cannot continue to be wimpy.

-- a mom (lunch@bag.com), September 26, 1999


Yes, I am wimpy, too, but I tried the mouse poison once and decided that wasn't for me anymore (got the dead very stinky mouse smell in a wall once and NEVER AGAIN)-- but I am afraid of getting bitten by a nearly dead mouse, so I tied a long string onto the trap, then I don't have to even get my hand closer than 20 inches away from it. I just pick the whole thing up by the string, drop it in a paper sack out in the garage, and the next day (when I am absolutely sure it's been dead for hours) I release it from the trap outside where I know the possum will come and collect it that night.

I like the plastic "better mousetrap". It's great for us squeemish types!!!

-- (formerly known as nobody@nowhere.not), September 26, 1999.

" I know I cannot continue to be wimpy. "

That is a good thing; lest your ancestors become disenchanted with their progeny.

Seriously, mouse bites can be bad, get a thick glove, grab mouse and trap, bash/crush/suffocate/murder the creature. Now separate the mouse and trap. Save your trap and bag, the earth is not for us to throw away. :)

Encouraging scavenging animals with freshly trapped mice may not be appropriate for your other stores. You could just bury them.

-- Will (sibola@hotmail.com), September 27, 1999.

I rented a house once located next to 3 barns. I saw the first mouse about this time of year. I had 2 boys 8 and 10, so I thought it might be interesting if we caught a few and then "take em for a ride."

Up until then I hadn't had any experience with mice; but someone told me that when you see one, you are seeing one of a dozen. I started in to catching them and it was fun at first, and the kids enjoyed it, but the novelty wore off for them when they realized they couldn't keep them as pets. However out of curiosity, I decided to try and see just how many we had. Every couple of days I would drop several off and then there would be more in the traps the next day. As the nights got colder, I would see little shadows run across the floor, even in broad daylight, but the final straw came when I was awakened by a mouse that was trying to find out what was under my hair. After I had caught mouse #53, I put poison down. I never saw another one after that.

-- KoFE (your@town.USA), September 27, 1999.

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