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Hi!! :) As one of the sane fans of Casey Affleck, I ws wondering if anyone knows of any new projects Casey may be involved with? I'm hoping something comes out soon!!! He is an awesome actor!!!! Anyone who can give me some new info will be greatly appreciated! Thanks. :)

-- Melissa (, September 26, 1999


HI Melissa!!.. I join you as another of casey's somewhat (keyword there) sane fans. I love him!! :).. I know for sure he's doing hamlet, and desert blue just came out in the vancouver film fest, which is the last of the festival circuits.. soooooo I know *I* hope that this means that it will be coming out in wide release very very soon.. you might want to check out the internet movie database for more information.. just type in casey affleck when you get there and it will tell you all :)..

-- Jill_britva (, September 27, 1999.

Hello Melissa and Jill. I'd just like to say how releaving it is to find out that casey actually has some sane fans! And thanks for the new info! I live in England which is really annoying cause all his films takes soooo long to get released over here! 200 cigarettes hasn't even been released yet! Could one of you please gimme some info on his character? But I'm glad I came on this site today cause I heard that Caseys got a cameo in American Pie which is released here on october 9! Oh and one more thing, did anyone hear a rumour going around that casey had died?! Some people can be so pathetic! C ya, halle

-- halle (, September 30, 1999.

Hi, everyone. Casey has two new movies coming out besides Hamlet with Ethan Hawke. Committed, costarring Luke Wilson and Drowning Mona with Neve Campbell is supposed to be out later this year. Hope this helps! :)

-- sonia (, September 30, 1999.

I noticed the new drowning mona movie on the internet movie database but i didn't see committed.. And to halle, casey's character in 200 cigs is very complex.. ok so he's just a punk.. but he's a sensitive punk, you'll love him.. i did :).. but i think we all have a bit of a biast :)

enjoy the movie :)

-- Jill (, October 06, 1999.

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