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While doing a Y2K practice weekend I wanted to test every cooking alternative available, or to be more precise: how to make everything that we use for preps do double duty (if possible). So while sitting in the glow of the ye old oil lamp I thought what could I do with this to make it more flexible for use? Well, self replied "stack up bricks or blocks (leaving ventilation holes in between) and use the grill from either the BBQ or oven across the cooking area. Take off the chimney and place the lamp 1 1/2-2" lower than the grill for heating water, soup, etc." This didn't give any light of course, but it did offer an adjustable heating/cooking source. Wouldn't want to do it full time, but it did offer just another way to utilize our preps if needed.

-- Sammie Davis (, September 26, 1999


The latest catalog from Emergency Essentials shows a picture using an Aladdin Watchman lamp to cook with. They turned a tomatoe cage upside down, bent the legs out flat and put a skillet on top. (they left the chimney on) Your method sounds a little more solid and safe. Besides, who wants to splash grease all over the outside of a $75 lamp

-- (, September 26, 1999.

I found an old fondue stand and immediatly thought it would work great to keep a pot of water warm at all times. All you would use would be a voltive candle and having warm water all the time will be a true comfort for many.

-- Carol (, September 26, 1999.

Fondue pots and stands are common items at yard/garage/estate sales. Many are of the avocado, harvest gold or persimmon persuasion, but you can also find nice chrome or stainless steel ones too. I was lucky enough to pick up a copper crepe cooking set to be used with Sterno at table ($7.50!). It's a nice-sized stand and Sterno holder with a standard-sized crepe pan and room on the stand to set it down, very useful for making a freeze-dried egg omelette. But the fondue set I bought early on is harvest gold!

Before I got these two items, othter cooking pots, and the Coleman stove, etc., in emergencies I used a small, cheap barbecue grill (you know, the tinny kind) with Sterno in the metal pan to heat water in an old aluminum pot on the grill part.

-- Old Git (, September 26, 1999.

I have an Aladdin too. Also have an old wroght iron planter stand. You know, the kind grandma had her boston fern in. Had hubby cut it down to the right size to sit over the lamp which sits on the floor or on a very sturdy table in the screened porch. Use a metal pot and things get hot very fast. didn't even have to put a grill in it as I have both a stainless steel pot and a coffee pot that fit right down snug where the flower pot would normally fit. The whole thing is very sturdy and steady. Not going to fall over very easily. Its amazing the things we come up with once we have the mind set and can think out of the box. My next project is a propane lamp. The kind that are in RVs. That can be used on our screen room or put a hole in the wall and hook the lamp onto an inside wall with the tank on the outside. These propane lamps all create a lot of heat for you in the north who are going to need all the heat you can get.


-- Taz (, September 26, 1999.

I love the creativity here! Maybe those bricks used around the oil lamp would get warm enough to use as a 'foot warmer'? Bricks hold a lot of heat, maybe put some by any fire and then wrap in a towel for temporary warmth, like warming the bed or inside of your sleeping bag?

Keep 'em coming cause we'll all need 'em - good ideas that is!

-- Sammie Davis (, September 27, 1999.

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