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This is indexed under"sanitation&sewage": How much tp is really enough?? I counted up today: 354 rolls. There's 2 of us now but could be up to 6 or 8 "on the other side". How is everyone else computing on qualtity of TP needed per potential person in the household???

-- jeanne (, September 26, 1999


You will use more tp than you think. Especially if you or most of the family is away all day and use tp elsewhere. I figured one roll per person per week. We will have relatives here for y2k and I certainly don't know their tp habits but surly one roll per week is a good estimate use to prepare.

-- Carol (, September 26, 1999.

I use less than 1 roll per week, but have noticed that when I'm living with a woman a roll might only last 2 days.

It's cheap, (36 rolls of Northern is only $7 at Target), so you ought to be able to afford as much as you feel like storing. We're stocking some, but more out of expected price-increases than out of fear of unavailability.

-- Gus (, September 26, 1999.

Chubby Hubby took inventory out in his shop today and announced that we had 750 rolls of TP and 270 rolls of paper towels. I inventoried the store room and found another 175 rolls of TP and 75 of paper towels. 2 women, one with bladder control problems, and one man in the house and 3 bathrooms. We figure two rolls, or a little less, for each bathroom per week. And paper towels? God...I hate to tell you how much this family of 3 uses. At least 3 rolls per week. But none of us use Kleenex, using paper towels instead and also use them for table napkins. Am going to purchase more paper towels. Think I have enuff TP.

-- Taz (, September 26, 1999.

i guess it depends on how long you plan to use TP for personal the famous last words of my very wise brother when asked "How much food should i buy?".....he replies, "i dunno, how long you plan on wantin to eat?"......seems to me the same wisdom appies here.

-- (, September 27, 1999.

Well,I stuck a label with the date on whenever a new roll was started.After keeping records for about 2 months I knew the average rate of consumption & bought enough for a year.

Not stocking up on kitchen towels as I think they are a convenience not a necessity and take up alot of storage space.Didn't use them 20 years ago so I figured that we could do without.

-- Chris (, September 27, 1999.

I read in a book someplace that TP has a shelf life. That the acids used in the manufacturing process cause the TP to break down after an extended period of time.

Does anyone know anything about this? If it's true, does anyone know how long it is usable?

-- Tim Jacob (, September 27, 1999.

"I read in a book someplace that TP has a shelf life. That the acids used in the manufacturing process cause the TP to break down..."

Oh great,... nothing is safe anymore.

-- Mumsie (, September 27, 1999.

I think two rolls per woman per week.

-- Mara Wayne (, September 27, 1999.

I read somewhere that the average is 90 rolls TP per person per year. I figure that means 180 rolls per woman and 45 rolls per man!

-- dakota (, September 27, 1999.

If you still have empty spaces in your house (closets, under beds, hallways with easy access) you haven't bought enough toilet paper yet!

-- Pearlie Sweetcake (, September 27, 1999.

Two rolls a week! my gawd, you must use 10 yards at a sitting! I go through one roll a month. Conserve or do without...


-- J Werner (, September 28, 1999.

Your TP should last between 20 & 50 years.I think what you have heard is the term "acid free" paper.The vast bulk of "consumable paper" such as newspaper,TP,kitchen rolls etc is slightly acid as a consequence of the manufacturing processes.Since these papers are classed as ephemeral they do not require a long life..say in excess of 100 years.At the other end of the scale is the kind of paper we make for repairing old maps & documents in libraries & museums.This should last at least 270 years & one of the descriptors is acid free.

-- Chris (, September 28, 1999.

Like alot of things, one solution is having enough clean water. As yucky as it sounds, millions of people around the world clean up with water rather than paper. I haven't tried it. I've tried snow and it actually is a very good substitute. Mullen is good too, of course.

If none of that sounds good and you think there might be serious problems, then the sky is the limit on how much TP you should stock.

-- Steve Hartzler (, September 28, 1999.

Jeanne, Don't forget the "baby wipes" instead of TP ... My wife would prefer the wipes during that "time of the month"

or any time especially during trips...

-- Furie (, September 28, 1999.

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