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I just picked up an FT-1 (I love them) with a 35-70mm AR Hexanon f3.5-f4.5 with a macro mode that focusses down to 1.2 ft (1:4.4 ratio) None of my information shows this lens, only the 30-70mm f4 which I have. Is this an older version version, simply scarce or??? Are the optics as good? Any information would be welcome. Thanks

-- Anonymous, September 26, 1999


35-70 Hexanon AR


You have the NEWER "compact" lens in this series. The 80-200mm is also available in an older, larger series and a newer "compact" one. If you're disappointed with it, I'd be happy to take it off your hands!


-- Anonymous, September 28, 1999

Konica Zoom

Thank you James. Your response suggest that the lens may be quite nice, and I am particularly interested in its ability to focus down to some 15". I'll try it this week-end. Regards, Herb Sauer

-- Anonymous, September 28, 1999

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