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Due to a Y2K believed error, a government held cache of marijuana was accidentally burned. The computer mis-read the date and ordered the incenerators to activate during a Y2K test, burning 4000 lbs of confiscated contra-band.

Environmental activists are outraged at this mistake. The gray whale migration is just beginning as is the migration of the arctic tern. The concern is that if the birds fly through the smoke,

there will be no tern left un-stoned.

no link is available to any credible news source.

-- Same as B4 (, September 26, 1999


Thanks for wasting another minute of my prep time with that one!

-- Y2KGardener (, September 26, 1999.

Mr. Gardener,

My intent was only to bring a smile or groan.

Pardon my interuption - - aloha

-- Same as B4 (Nwphotog@fox.youknowtherest), September 26, 1999.

Hey NW, you caught me off guard and made me chuckle!

-- Mumsie (, September 26, 1999.

hahahahahahahaha Thanks fer the giggle

-- anon (anon@anon.calm), September 26, 1999.

Keep the Y2K news coming! Its great that we can get the real stories out while the press tries to cover them up. Have you reported it to y2knewswire yet?

-- wally weaver (not@gonna.say), September 26, 1999.

ROFLMAO Thank you B4, I enjoyed that.

Don't let the complaints get you down, some people seem to be a mite testy in the mornings. Must be that rigid stick up their butts bothering them a bit before the drugs take effect....

Stock more prozac, cheerless ones. You know who you are.

-- LauraA (, September 26, 1999.

That was about as cute as a zit, big man!!!! Actually it made me chuckle.

-- robby2k (, September 26, 1999.

Jeeesh - you Americuns just can't get sarcastic humo(u)r, can you?! My reply was meant to be h-u-m-o-r-o-u-s. Not enough Brits on this forum...

-- Y2KGardener (, September 26, 1999.

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