Why did QuickTime 4 simply disappear from my computer?

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Yesterday when I turned on my computer I found that my desktop picture had disappeared. I tried to put it on again using the appearance control panel but received a message that desktop pictures depended on QuickTime 3 and I didn't have it. I knew that I have had QuickTime 4 since it came out and went to Sherlock to find it. Sherlock could not find it. It had disappeared. Fortunately, I keep a folder of installers for all downloaded programs and reinstalled it successfully. I then ran both TechTool Pro 2.5.1 and Norton Utililities 5.0 (in both cases using the disk as the start-up). Neither utility found anything wrong with my computer. What could have happened?

I use a beige G3 266 mhz with 96 megabytes of ram.

I will appreciate any help anyone can offer.

-- Marjorie Fenner (themagpie@mindspring.com), September 25, 1999

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