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55 gallon metal drums


plastic drums that are rated for a solvent like gasoline.

That's what I want. Where do you go about finding something like this? Thanks for your help in advance.

-- Glober (, September 25, 1999


Plastic is less likely to -promote- a spark when unscrewing the bung w/ the wrench. Check at some of the larger oil-distribution/solvent companies. Containers that are used to ship Hydrolic fluid and other petroleum products can be gotten cheap as they are considered to be an EPA hazard and they spend more to dispose of them than to sell em to you. Check the yellow pages

-- Billy-Boy (, September 25, 1999.

I was able to buy 60gal plastic drums that had been used for coke syrup. Your local coke/soft drink bottler should have these although the drums are becoming scarce due to demand. These have worked very well for gas storage. They don't seem to build a static charge that could lead to sparking, they don't rust & "sweating" inside the drum with fuel seems to be very min. if at all. A couple of cautions with the plastic drums. Vent the drum to prevent a build up of pressure. The center of the bung hole caps are threaded and you can fabricate a simple PVC pipe arrangement to come up from the cap, over to the edge of the barrel and the down the side of the barrel. The entire length of the assembly will be aprox 6". Keep the drums out of direct sunlight with a tarp or well ventilated shed. Don't store in or next to any space with an open flame or sparks. The cap gasket seal on these drums should be replaced with a rubber "O" ring which cost around 10 cents ea at any industrial supply store. The ones that come on the drums swell if gas gets on them. Also, use PRI-G to keep the fuel "fresh". If you want to further protect the drums, bury them in an upright position with only the top 6-8" of the drum exposed. It avoids the EPA restrictions on underground storage of fuel, better hides the drums and protects them from winds, bullets, ect. By the way, I paid $15/drum for the ones I bought. This was about a month ago in south Ms. Believe it or not, the most difficult part of the whole operation was buying that much gas. Best of success.

-- bushmaster (ready@watchin&waitin.readyornot), September 27, 1999.

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