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I'm try to encode videos (352x240) /w LSX to be burnt in VidPack 4.0. Once the MPEGs are made (/w VideCD checked and everything) VidPack runs through the entire MPEg, then gives me 'invalid line vv.scr 40' or something like that. What do I need to do to make it work???


-- FunOne (, September 25, 1999


Actually it says 'Illegal MPEG Packet:line 40 vv.scr' What is wrong??!?


-- FunOne (, September 25, 1999.

At long last someone else with that problem, I get that quite often in winoncd but have not solved it so far.

In winoncd the error does not actually prevent the burn and so far the high quality images from LSX play OK. LSX actually have never replied or addressed that problem and I am currently doing some checking using dvmpeg as recommended by Mr Martinez (offline) on this site.

I have also used the Panasonic encoder, subject of another posting here, that does not report a problem, probably because it does not actually do the same checks for invalid files as your expensive program or winoncd 3.5

Only trouble is your in NTSC land and my error is related to PAL.

Does your program allow you to burn the file to vcd and if so can you play more than 2 video tracks without lockup?

I would appreciate an answer if possible.

-- Ross McL (, September 26, 1999.

The error we get with LSX based mpeg-1 videocd files must be associated with the LSX program. Dvmpeg5 (using only the 10 second trial version) burnt to the Cd without a warning, so what ever the winoncd programs see in the LSX file is not produced by other mpeg encoders it seems.

I think LSX needs to get involved in supplying an answer or a patch to fix it. Certainly my PAL test files are available to anyone prepared to receive 3.5M


PS: the LSX videoCD image is better than that produced by dvmpeg5 and I will not be racing off to update. All this when their site goes to so much trouble to show the opposite using mpeg-2 files to compare the images and provide oscillascope graphics.

The LSX videocd image of a face 1" wide on a 17" monitor (1024) shows the eyes clearly whilst the others struggle to see anything in the eye socket.

-- Ross McL (, September 27, 1999.

FunOne - LSX Version 3, just out, has fixed the winoncd "illegal mpeg Packet" error.

Now to see if it has fixed the rest of my problems.


-- Ross McL (, October 01, 1999.

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