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I need advice on the correct Digitrax decoders and procedures for installation in a Proto 2000 PA A unit and a Bachmann GS-4. Thanks for your help in advance.

-- Michael Huntsberger (, September 25, 1999



The P2K PA may need to have the Lenz 130 or the Zimo 61N decoders installed. Many of the PA units have motors which draw way too much current when in very slow speed (like in startup) operation and also while coasting on deceleration. The stall current is more than double the normal for similiar locomotives. The Lenz and Zimo decoders have the Back-EMF features and the Lenz also has a current limiting design on the motor outputs. These two decoders have been the most successful decoders (from reports on the DCC-SIG list) for those P2K units that have the over draw motor. Test your stall current of the loco with your DC power. I don't install PnP decoders, as I always hardwire my units. This has proven best for me. Someone else who may have tried other decoders might have another suggestion - especially for the GS-4. Excellent prices on both the Lenz and Zimo can be found from Tony's Train Exchange.

-- Ed McCamey (, October 04, 1999.

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