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I am preped but the pollys get to me, I have my new Pentium III computers, WIN98, ACT2K, QB2K, and at the Peter Paul & Mary concert tonite Mary Said ???=OK the millumium thing is No PROBLEM! the old car is a bigger head ache....

But Wait, Mary Said, Janet Reno is a real patriot.....

Did I miss something here????

Janet Waco=GOOD, Y2K=OK, Killing whales in a song =OK (but not politically correct).

It is like a SiFi novel I read many years ago, where the artists are on the side of the "other guys"....

Thinking, thinking, thinking,

Question: What is your opinion of the Polly's song of Y2K=Ok?

Is it a hit toon? or a real HIT!!!!

-- Helium (, September 25, 1999


GOD BLESS AMERICA pleeeeeeze,we sure need help.

-- it,s gettin crazy. (, September 25, 1999.

Let me understand this correctly...

You are letting an over the hill musical trio, who'll most be remembered for "Puff the magic dragon"...really get to you?

I'm an "over the hill" old fart that is going to school full time courtesy of the V.A. I am surrounded by hundreds of people the age of my own young adult children. Some of these "kids" are really and sincerely, very nice people, despite the fact that nowadays the guys are wearing multiple earrings and the gals have all the tattoos. (I had to overcome my own initial predjudices over these little things) They come to my table in the student lounge and eat with me, or study with me, and don't alienate me because of our age difference. They have even invited me to their parties. I would never go though, too many underage folks, and my darling wife wouldn't be very understanding about it. Besides I am entirely deaf in one ear, and would surely feel out of place, though many of these young people haven't made an issue of my deafness. The majority that I have come in contact with have reached out to befriend me.

I have brought up Y2K on more than one occassion, and the majority of these "kids" aren't following it, don't believe it, and aren't visibly concerned about it. Maybe one or two have expressed fear or concern, and only one gave me a detailed account of his personal preps and then only privately. It's like Y2Kers ought to have a secret handshake or something. (NANU NANU)

Anyway, Peter, Paul, & Mary already have one foot in the grave so to speak. It is these young people that we need to be concerned about, and try to reach. They are the ones that will be in charge before I am collecting social security, if its still there.

Don't worry about Pollys that are "has beens", lets try to educate the young ones and find the potential leaders amoung them. These young polly's still have the capacity for learning new ways and changing their minds. Most are too young to have their heads buried in the sand.

-- grandpa (tell-me-about-the-good-old@days.again), September 25, 1999.

Sometimes I am confused also, especially when I read the posts in other forums making fun of those who have made the choice to prepare. This doesn't mean, however,that I can't see forward enough, without anyone else's assistance, to understand that this is a global problem and threatens the global economy which cannot keep from effecting me and mine and you and yours. And I believe it is only the beginning of other woes. But what I don't understand is the fierce debate over prepping. What harm is done by spending money and time on stocking up on food and water? No one objects when Americans squander their money on the plethora of crap assaulting us from every medium - catalogs, magazines, TV, billboards. Lord knows there is plenty of unneccessary stuff out there.

Maybe it is because I don't live to make people think like I do, but even if I were a major -non-event-polly - I would never discourage someone else from hedging against the risk. If there are those who are still fence sitting - afraid that they might look foolish - I say to you - who cares? Will you dissolve from the ribbing you might have to take? One poster on another forum says her housekeeper asked her what she should do. She told her not to worry - it's a big no deal. I wondered how she had the audacity to take this chance with soemone else's life. I don't begrudge her the right to endanger herself, but to convince someone else, just to justify her POV - this is despicable.

I am not unintelligent, I am not a fanatic, and I and mine are not going to die or even be slightly inconvenienced for lack of food and water. I really just cling to my right to choose for myself. If I were a new GI I would still be saying to myself - okay - this polly says it is nothing - just get ready to pop the cork and celebrate - but this doomer says - get some food and water and alternative heat. I'd still have to weigh the risk over the hope. If I decided to prepare in the remaining time -how would it impact me if I'm wrong? If I decided not to prepare - how will that impact me if I'm wrong?

-- April (, September 25, 1999.

Perhaps the "challenge" will wake them up, grandpa. Think about it. When your generation (or it could be your parent's generation if you're a younger gramps) "awoke" it took Pearl Harbor to do it.

Consider Y2K our equivalent.

Becoming resourceful, is often a learned skill. And leaders, often don't know they are ones... until tested... or "fired up" with a cause.

Possibly Y2K = Leadership Training 101... for all ages.


-- Diane J. Squire (, September 25, 1999.

Possibly Y2K = Leadership Training 101... for all ages.

Boot camp starts in 98 days.

-- Linda (, September 25, 1999.

Only 56 Federal Days left...only 30 'till Thanksgiving...outta time.

"If the software has slipped this far, it's gonna slip ALL the way.


-- K. Stevens (kstevens@ It's ALL going away in, September 25, 1999.

the church is always at it,s best,when persecuted'and americans are troopers when pushed to shove,GOD BLESS AMERICA.

-- GOD BLESS AMERICA. (, September 25, 1999.

Peter, Paul & Mary (See especially #12) :-)

-- Gayla (, September 25, 1999.

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