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I need to convert several integers which are 32 bit over to 64 bit. 1)what is a perferred start date? 2)is there operation issues? 3)r there issues concerning leap years and missing seconds special to 64 bit ints? 4)should each integer represent a second or a millisecond?

-- Mike Sipper (, September 24, 1999


Need to be more specific -- what does architecture have to do with integers? Besides, there are "byte" integers, short integers, and long integers. What is the format of the date storage? If you expand the storage bytes for dates, will the software process them correctly? Is the whole date encoded as an integer of "x" days since some start date? (If so, how many days are counted before rollover? How is time within a date handled, or is that separate? Or are dates stored as ASCII values (YYYYMMDD)? Or?

-- A (, September 25, 1999.

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