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My wife is an American Citizen, she is pregnant. I came back to Brazil to visit and couldn't come back. Because I don't have my Immigrant VISA. I was trying to renew my Student VISA. They didn't let me, they told me here in Sao Paulo consulate that I need a Immigrant VISA. So my wife did apply for the petition of my immigrant VISA. We received a process number. They said that will take 140 to 172 days. So this is my question.


Is there any way to speed up this process?

Do I have to wait here in Brazil for 140 to 172 days? 1. My wife is there in America 4 months pregnant. 2. I was enrolled in school and I am missing class.

Thank you so much for the opportunity to ask! May God be with you and keep you.

Paulo Henrique Ros.

-- PAULO HENRIQUE ROS (, September 24, 1999

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