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Post your ideas here.

-- Anonymous, September 24, 1999


The easy answer - a Playstation. Many guys, unless they're loyal to another format (Nintendo, for example) would LOVE to get a Playstation for a gift. Or, if he already has that, get something similar... like the new Sega Dreamcast. Of course, all of this is really expensive, but I don't recall you asking for cheap suggestions.:P Anyway, that's what I want. As soon as it comes out, I'll be askin' Theryn for the Playstation 2. At $360 or so each, I doubt I'll get it - but that won't stop me from asking!

-- Anonymous, September 24, 1999

It may sound kind of corny, but you could make a booklet of coupons for him. You know like, this coupon entitles you to a hug from me, or this coupon is good for seeing the movie of your choice with me!

-- Anonymous, September 24, 1999

Last year for our anniversary I was stumped and knew Murphy was doing something awesome (and for our budgets expensive). I ended up going to a bunch of the places we go to on dates and getting gift certificates, and the non-perishable parts to his favorite "date" dinner and boxing it all up in a billion boxes. I think he liked it, he said he did.

-- Anonymous, September 24, 1999

ok, if I were you, id dump him for me and wouldnt get him anything because you never seem to be able to please him when you get him gifts. But alas, that's not gonna happen, and you love Carl and stuff and that's cool, so Im going to try, ever so feebly, to help you out...

1>CD's and DVD's --I know I never get any of these. IF you got him a collection of either, particularly the dvd's, that he doesnt have, it would be an excellent gift. I never get them and I always want them. It shows intimate knowledge of him and his surroundings to get him titles that he doesnt have...

2> Send him flowers. Ive always wanted a woman to send me flowers and its never happened. Hell, for that matter, send me flowers.

3> Buy his groceries for the week and make him a great meal...

Practical, and we all know, the way to a man's of course........through his chest...but you might try starting with his stomach...

4>Sexy lingerie-If he doesnt appreciate that, then I think he might be pitchin' for the wrong team, if you know what I mean. Get something for you and something for him...

5>Sexy toys, oils, love thingys-something sexy you can share together, something intimate you both will enjoy. If he doesnt like it, see number 4.

6> I dont know of anyone, especially a hard working guy like Carl, who couldnt benefit from a massage. Set him up with a gift certificate to the local massuse. Not the kinky ones, just one that can give him relief and relaxation.

7>give him a massage yourself. Take time out to really spend time lavishing attention on his body and soul. See number five to get you started.

8> Electronics that he doesnt have---guys love things that buzz and have lots of bells and whistles, read, anything we can use as an extension of our penis...

Love and kisses Chrissy, and good luck, I hope he likes whatever you get him. You deserve to have a loving gift appreciated and to kick him in the nads if he doesnt....

Yours, Rusty

-- Anonymous, September 24, 1999

Arigato- or some similar japanese-house dinner thing where they make your dinner on the table. My boyfriend loved it. Guys like food. You can't go wrong with food. Depending on how serious you are there's always CD's, Movies, or some other such thing. Video games are good.

-- Anonymous, September 25, 1999

why not make yourself his gift? tell him in advance not to make plans the weekend after your anniversary under any circumstances. then, on your anniversary, tell him that you are giving him saturday day and night as his present (this gives him a week to come up with some ideas). make his favorite breakfast. go where he wants to go, do what he wants to do. make him his favorite dinner. give him what he wants. devoting a full day to him alone should show him how much you love and appreciate him. it should also make him understand how valuable you are to him. aside from that, it will give you a chance to discover some things about him you still don't know (and if after one year you know everything about him, get out're relationship is over). if he loves you, he won't make you do anything horrible. in fact, if he loves you he won't MAKE you do anything. and if you don't like something he wants to do or somewhere he wants to go, then putting up with it happily will show him how much you love him even more, especially if he knows you don't like it before hand. (you might consider doing a few things he knows you don't like and don't normally do but that he's asked for to make this point yourself, adding to the meaning of the day even further). unless he's a dolt, i would think he'd appreciate this more than a game system. save things like that for his birthday. anniversary gifts should say something about how two people feel about each other. somehow buying a hunk of plastic and wires that thousands of people will own before it's even in the stores, and which will be outdated in in fours years tops doesn't exactly say "you're special in my life and i want you to stick around".

-- Anonymous, September 25, 1999

Every year for our anniversary, I would reserve a room at the Embassy Suites. You have free cocktails for two hours, your room is gorgeous, and you have this wonderful free brunch the next morning. We would invite friends to join us, and then after they left, we would make love all night long. Great anniversary!!

-- Anonymous, September 25, 1999

OK . . . I really really want to give you good and interesting gift ideas. Trouble is, I've never had to shop for a guy before (excluding relatives). I do know that I can be a pain in the ass to shop for too (since the things I want are usually very specific things that I would just as soon buy myself, like CDs and stuff), and my favourite present to get is concert tickets (especially if it's a band I love and I didn't know they had a concert coming up in the area, because then it's a really nice surprise). So if tickets are going on sale soon for a band he really likes, that's an idea.

About those girl/girl dreams you were talking about . . . Jesus, I have those kinds of dreams ALL THE TIME. I really love guys, but for some reason men rarely appear in my sexual dreams. Actually, some of my chick dreams are a bit weirder, because sometimes I have dreams where I'm raping another girl. Other times I'm just groping them and seeing how far I can get before they tell me to stop. I totally know what you mean about trying to talk to guys about it. They always want to know things like what position you were in in the dream, every minute detail of each sexual act, and whether you'd do this sort of thing in real life. It's both irritating and amusing. I can't seem to talk to female friends about it though. They get all weirded out, and I often wonder how many of them have the same sorts of dreams or thoughts. I don't know if I'm a freak or if other chicks are just afraid to admit those kinds of feelings (much like the female fear of admitting masturbation). Anyway, maybe I should shut up before I freak out everyone who reads this forum.

-- Anonymous, September 25, 1999

Wow...anniversary huh...hmmm... I really don't know what to tell ya, but I'm going to try here just to save your butt. Although I do admit that the playstation idea was a decent one, it's not a really good idea if you ever want to see him again. I got my ex a playstation for this past christmas and all he ever did was sit home and play it. Well try to do something with the two things guys like and sex. I know you said oral sex doesnt count....but work around that. I get tons of chicks coming into my store buying anniversary gifts that usually include see through boxers or a joke mens g-string. That...or you could always just make him his favorite dinner and then after your done eating tackle him, throw him down on the bed, and have your way with him. Totally up to you :)

-- Anonymous, September 26, 1999

Let's see if I can address everyone here individually.

I got all your suggestions for the anniversary gift - thank you all. It's a really bad time of year to try to get something good, but not over-do it to outweigh Christmas or anything. I also don't want to drain my wallet, either.

Murphy, He's got a playstation, and all the games he could possibly desire (this whole game idea was taken care of on valentine's day), he doesn't want Sega Dreamcast, he's got all the movies he wants (DVD or otherwise - some movies just aren't out on DVD yet, no matter how old they are.)

Let's see - what else....


As far as "love coupons" go - those kinds of things are more appreciated and better given when you don't live at home with your parents. I feel like such a loser sometimes because of this, but I really have no choice. We've gone so far as to buy those books made by Laura Corn for sexual favors coupons, but since we have to keep our, ahem, activities confined to the bedroom and no where else, those coupons got pitched quickly. It sucks to have to move back home.


I've thought about doing that, but since we live in very unpopulated towns and have done it all already, I can't say there's any places that are his favorites as far as things to do, places to go, or places to eat. There is absolutely nothing to do here. Trust me on this one. Once you've done it, there's no point in doing it again. Everything's old. Florida sucks.


I know you'd like me to dump Carl and run up there to Tallahassee, but we've talked about this before, Mr. Eager. :)

1. See my reply to Murphy above.

2. I'd never hear the end of it if I sent him flowers: "But, Chrissy, I'm not a girl. I don't want flowers. I'm a guy. Buy me guy stuff." That would make his 'bad gift' list.

3. I already do that. Granted, I don't make him dinner every night because I only see him once during the week anymore (if that). If I'm going to spend the evening with him, he'll get a home-cooked dinner from me anyway - and I can't make time to go see him between his work, my work, my school, and taking Zeus to class. Making dinner has already been done. I wish I had the opportunity to cook more often.

4. Lingerie - not a bad idea. If I can swing it, I'll try that idea, but I usually end up feeling goofy in a teddy or something like that and never get it or wear it. He's more of the "I get turned on by the short plaid shirt/white thigh highs/heels/pigtails look" kind of guy, but I can't afford this getup right now, nor do I/we have the privacy to dress up in such manner. Same goes for lingerie. No privacy, no can do.

5. Been there, done that. We've used just about everything. Those things are now in a box, hidden in a closet, collecting dust. After only going out for a year, it's pretty scary that we've already exhausted that possibility, isn't it?

6. Now, that's not a bad idea, but I'm not sure he'll go for it. It's worth a shot, though.

7. Done that.

8. After buying a new t.v., a DVD player, a vcr, a playstation, games, videos, DVD movies, clocks, radios, stereos, cellphones, and radar detectors, I can't think of something else that could excite him. He's pretty much got it all. If there's something else to be bought, it's going to be for our place. (ie. gizmos, cable dishes, ..stuff.) Hm.


See my reply to Theryn above. Food is a great idea, but there are no exotic places to go unless you feel like packing up a few bags and driving there, arriving the next day or something. And, unless you find Denny's exciting, taking him out to a restaurant is out of the question. I'd love to do that for him - great idea! It just won't work. We really need to move. Bad.


Lovely idea! I loved your entry. I've been trying to come up with ways to make that work. I'll have to see what I can do.


Waaaaaay too costly. Although both of us like doing the "hotel" thing. Gives you a sense of being away from everyone and doing ...naughty things. Great fantasy-playing situation there. I just can't afford it. Well, hm...we'll see.


Concert tickets. Very, very good. I guess a trip to ticketmaster is in order.

And as far as the girl thing goes - I'm not wigged out whatsoever. I couldn't agree with you more. It's so strange, isn't it? I, on the other hand, am slightly attracted to girls anyway, so it isn't so hard for me to accept. I know how you feel talking to female friends about it - I feel the same way. I just think most girls think about it, but would never talk about it - unless under the influence of alcohol. :)

Tuoni, the girl I haven't heard from in years,

Which is a welcomed surprise to say the least. I was pretty sure you didn't keep up much with my page...but I'm happy you have. :)

I got lucky with Carl - he doesn't play the Playstation all that much - at least not around me. I don't do well with sitting there and watching him play Tomb Raider very long and he knows it. The novelty also wore off pretty quickly.

Food and sex are a good combo. Maybe I could combine all three ideas...make him dinner on a night we'll be ..ahem...alone, afterwards, throw him on the bed, like you said, give him his gag gift of elephant thong underwear, (have you ever seen those things? a riot, I tell you) and have my way with him.

Now, if only I could figure out how to pull that off. I might have to interwine your ideas with Rusty's suggestions, and hit Fredrick's at my local mall. I really need a Fredrick's catalogue, too.

Thanks guys. If you all have any other ideas, don't hesitate.

-- Anonymous, September 27, 1999

I don't know about Carlos, but here is what I'd like to get.

A good knife. One of those little hand held frequency scanners. Nothing says "I Love You" like a firearm.

If yer lookin' for a romantic gift, i'm not the one to ask. Maybe you could set up the threesome he's dying for.

-- Anonymous, September 27, 1999

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