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I'm just atarting with a new group of tobe photographers. Forum like this would be very useful.... Well, my first exercise for the group was: take 36 different pictures of an object - not very small like a button or pin, not very large like a house or block. Different lightings, backgrounds, perspectives, objectives, heights etc. Maybe a little bit of imagination is needed to find out 36 different points of view, but, after all, they need to practice the imagination...

After a couple of weeks I'll know how it succeeded. There are 15 students, so I'll see 15*36 pics!

-- Sakari Mdkeld (sakari.makela@koulut.vantaa.fi), September 24, 1999


So Sakari Makela how did the 540 ( 15 x36) images turn out?

-- jignesh jhaveri (jigneshjhaveri@yahoo.com), November 14, 1999.

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