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It's a Consumer Reports recipe--they tested all sorts of combinations and found this the most effective:

To 1/2 cup white vinegar add enough water to make one gallon. (For UK. that's one gill or 5 fl ozs of vinegar. Sorry, don't speak metric.)

You can add a drop or two of blue food coloring if you have to have blue stuff.

-- Old Git (, September 24, 1999


Works beautifully but if possible use white vinegar as the house then doesn't smell like a chip shop !!

-- Chris (, September 24, 1999.

My mother uses this and it definitly works. I'd use it too but I HATE the smell of vinegar. Also, she uses newspaper instead of paper towels. Works great.

-- (, September 24, 1999.

My mother-in-law uses a little bit of cornstarch and water. Works amazingly well.

-- Mumsie (, September 24, 1999.

Rubbing alcholol used with newspaper it the absolute best at shinning windows and crome. I have a bottle of the vinegar solution I use for counter tops, range top, and gereral cleaning. Works great and very cheap. Spend my money on fancy name spray bottles of cleaner? I don't think so.

-- Carol (, September 24, 1999.

Baking soda is great for cleaning the tub and sink.

-- Mara Wayne (, September 25, 1999.

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