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Has anybody got recomendations for a good overspray to apply to Concord rag papers? I've just tried the Magellan Rain Coat, and it leaves a bit more sheen than I like. Help would be appreciated.

-- Marc Sitkin (, September 23, 1999


Just saw your post from September 23, so hope this isn't too late. I've been using a protective coating that also contains a UV inhibitor on my Polaroid image transfers that has worked very well. It is matte finish and leaves no trace of a coating having been applied. I know that your query was specific to Concord paper but, although I use Concord rag for my digital prints, I have not used the coating on them. I have used it on Arches, Lanaquarelle and Somerset.

The product is Sureguard, from McDonald Pro-Tecta-Cote, #941. At $14 a can, it's more expensive than most similar products, but it works.


-- Stan Benkey (, December 10, 1999.

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