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O.K. first question, is anyone reading these?

The second week brought lower, more normal scores with one exception ME!!!!!!!

Yeah for me!!!! I had a great week, I think I may actually have a shot this year. My no trades till after week 3 theory has paid off so far. I told Gary and Clayton that Harrison was going to be the #1 point getter out of the wide receiver this year and so far......

Clayton and Adam look to be a problem all year long. Claytons team is not as strong as his first week score may indicate but it's no pushover either. Every stinking time I look at Adams team it looks better and better to me,(the bastard).

The suprise team to me so far is Kevin. My only hope at this point is that he forgets all about his team and starts paying attention to the college scene like he's supposed to. Get off my back Kevin. You only do this cause G makes you.

Speaking of G Smith is back, nice call and Taylor should be healthy soon, but boy it had to hurt to watch Stewart go off last week.

Jay made one mistake on draft day; Chumara; and now he is hurt. The good news is that tight ends are a dime a dozen (See John) and he has good players that will help.

Danny did a great job in week 2.... fluke? Look at the team and you tell me what you think.

The rest of you well there is always that great free agent (See Taylor and Cunningham last year) and remember this is where John was last year before he won. Proving that ther is hope for all...except for John.

Week 3 should shake things up as we get into the first real week of byes, manage well youhng Skywalker it gets bumpy from here on in. See you on the other side.

-- Anonymous, September 23, 1999


I'm Reading.


Marc I am reading.

-- Anonymous, September 24, 1999


I can hear Jimmy! I can hear Jimmy!

-- Anonymous, September 24, 1999

I am reading also...

Hello Marc, I am reading and I agree with what you said for the most part. I am proud of you that you put that no trade till week 3 rule. I know it was hard for you, but you did it. If you keep your team and no one gets hurt I think you are the team to beat, although Gary and his backs are very scary. I disagree with one thing, no one is going to get a good free agent till I get my keepers and stop paying attention!!! EVERYONE HEAR THAT!!!!! NOT ONE GOOD FREE AGENT TILL SOMEONE TRADES ME KEEPERS!!!

Ok, sorry venting some fustration. Seems everyone had that three week no trade clause.


-- Anonymous, September 24, 1999

I read.

You seem to have forgotten the most dangerous team in fantasy football. The Bonobos are hiding towards the bottom of the list; waiting to pounce on the unwary teams above them. Mark my words, the Bonobos will finish fourth this year.

-- Anonymous, September 24, 1999

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